Charity Halloween disco on tonight!


Looks like a wonderful event! Why not print a few off and post on your pub or work noticeboard?

Friend of the blog Jamie Bailey has been in touch to ask if I’d give this charity event a plug – it’s a great Halloween Disco at the Victoria club in Norton Canes, and takes place this evening (31st October 2015) – there will be loads of fun and prizes for the best fancy dress!

It’s only £5 for adults, and just £1 for kids, and all proceeds in aid of the ‘Helen’s Donate a Dinner’ project in aid of Bowel Disease – something many of you will know is close to my heart. The fun kicks off at 7:30pm.

Note that the Victoria Club is in Norton East Road, not North East Road as the poster sates.

Helen has a Facebook page here, and you can donate to Helen’s Just Giving appeal – standing at over £12,500 – here.

Helen Hill, who has so far raised over £12,500 for the project, has this to say about the debilitating condition she’s aiming to raise awareness of:

Welcome to Donate a Dinner

What’s it all about?

I have Intestinal failure as a result of Gastro paresis and Visceral Myopathy.

I am a patient of consultant Gastroenterologist Dr Simon Gabe at St Marks Hospital Harrow. Without his expertise and care my conditions would have continued to go undiagnosed and both myself along with my family, truly believe as a result I would not be here today!

So, here’s a TINY TASTER to enable you to try to understand the pain and suffering I endure on a daily basis, I need you to do the following:

Imagine you are starving!

Now imagine you have conditions which mean you are unable to process food!

Food and fluids cause severe abdominal pain and bloating, nausea and in severe cases vomiting.

This leads to malnutrition and dehydration along with exhaustion.

It does not mean you are not hungry, it means that you are STARVING and cannot eat & process food.

In severe cases you are fed as I am artificially via a jejenostomy tube into the small bowel to bypass the stomach or by TPN, this is when a sterile feed is given directly into the veins just next to the heart. The feed is pumped into your body over the course of 13.5 hours.

This is the only way you can SURVIVE and is your only source of nutrition

When these options have been exhausted another source of treatment is a multi visceral transplant.

There are no cures for these conditions. Gastro paresis effects 1 in 50,000 of the population and Visceral Myopathy is a very rare condition indeed. Research in this area is very difficult as it is often diagnosed at a very late stage or missed.

These conditions seriously affect your quality of life and the lives of your loved ones.

Please help to raise awareness.

Donate the cost of one dinner, lunch or drink and help raise vital funds for research for those suffering from bowel cancer, Crohn’s Disease and intestinal failure.

Make a difference

Help beat bowel disease & save lives.

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