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Chasewater Miniature Railway Elaine Turvey

I’m not sure of the origin of the image, but it was supplied by John Daft. All I can say is ‘Wow” – thank you!

Some technical issues are besetting me today (Blame the ghost of Steve Jobs) but I had a great email from Chasewater Railway’s John Daft which has to be the definitive answer and authority on the lost Chasewater narrow-gauge ride-on railway, which readers have shown huge interest in since I posted yesterday.

John wrote:

Hi Bob,

I left Brownhills in 1960, before this railway, and didn’t join Chasewater railway till well after its demise. When I first heard about it, I made a few enquiries and found one or two bits of information, and a picture, given to us by Elaine Turvey.

I have copied a couple of emails and attached a copy of the photo and a short article about the railway.

John Daft

Email from Chasewater Railway Museum:

I was wondering if you had ever come across any pictures of the Chasewater Miniature Railway, which ran at Chasewater Country Park, Staffordshire, in the 1970s?

It was operated for a while by members of the Chasewater Railway, starting in summer 1975 and ,as far as I am aware, continuing in 1976.

The basic information I have states:

‘The Chasewater Miniature Railway is a 7 and a quarter inch gauge railway. Rolling stock consists of three carriages, each carrying four passengers. The locomotive is petrol driven with a scaled down ‘Hymek’ outline body’

The line was wholly owned by Walsall Metro-Borough Council.

Regards, more in hope than anticipation!


That’s how I remember it at the time: I can remember jumping in an out of the turntable pit and my dad telling me how it had worked. Image from John Daft,

Sent to Peter Bryant of

Reply from Dave Holroyde, who was contacted by Peter:

The line ran from c1971 -76. I don’t have any photos of it.

Motive power was D7023 4w-4PM Cromar White 1971 New, sold 6/79 (The Hymek you mention in text below). This then went to Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park before being sold to Ireland in the mid 1980s, and it hasn’t been seen since!

There was also an 0-4-0T (details unknown) and BEDFORD SCHOOL 4-4-0 J & W Gower 1934, now with privately owned in Hertfordshire. This arrived c1971 and was sold by 4/75.

I doubt the coaches were of Severn Lamb build as I own 4 of their standard design, and they seat 8 passengers or so,.

Thanks to John for that – this really is recovered history, and is exactly why  run the blog.

Please feel free to comment if you want, or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. I’m particularly after other photos, if anyone has them please?


This will settle a few arguments that have been rumbling on since the beginning of this blog, really. Note the low water level and original ‘light house’ on the pier. Clipping kindly supplied by Dean Rogers. Click for a larger version.


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