Good news – a new food store for Walsall Wood


Looks interesting, good to see the old Meadow Market back in use. Opens 27th August 10am. Thanks to The Stymaster for the pic.

Thanks to Scott Littleton and others, I just thought I’d share the positive news that we have a new food store opening in Walsall Wood next week, at Streets Corner where the Tesco Express was.

The store is to be a Family Shopper store, part of a discount food voluntary chain, so it looks set to give the nearby Co-op and MacColls a run for their money.

The Store opens to the public  Thursday 27th August 2015 at 10:00am.

You can find out about Family Shopper here on the website – it’s part of the Booker group.

It looks like there will be a free ATM in there too, which will no doubt be handy.

I wish the owners all the best in their new venture.

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  1. Peter says:

    As you say Bob good luck to the new owners, I have my reservations though……. whoever has been there in the past has never seemed to really make it work. I often hear it said that Tesco closed at the same site for corporate reasons and the store itself was profitable, but what about Meadow Market, Somerfield, Kwik Save etc, there has been a lot of take overs, expansion and contraction in the retail food sector over the years but if the store was as profitable as is claimed then surely someone would have made it work? I just think that the parking situation and the location, especially at busy times, means it is attracting mainly a walking customer base, and we all know what happened to footfall in the last decade or so……. it bought cars and drove out of town.
    Good luck to the owners, I shall be popping in to have a look around, incidentally the NISA store a little further along Salters Road now operates it’s ATM as a free to use service, including cash withdrawal.
    All the best

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