If you’ve got that feeling…

Happy St. George’s Day everyone – a ride from Stonnall to Shenstone Woodend, filmed a few weeks ago on a warm spring day. England, there’s nowhere finer in spring.

It’s speeded up about 2.4x.

The music is Broadcaster’s ‘England’ – a remarkable track featuring samples from Ewan MacColl’s ‘Radio Ballads’ that did so much to change the media in the UK. It sums my feelings up perfectly:

‘It doesn’t matter where you come from, what colour you are, what religion – if you’ve got that feeling…’

Check out the album ‘Primary Transmission’, all similarly made from Radio Ballads samples.


Grove Hill, Stonnall, England. There’s nowhere finer at dawn.

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5 Responses to If you’ve got that feeling…

  1. Pedro says:

    On a Lane in Spring

    A little lane – the brook runs close beside,
    And spangles in the sunshine, while the fish glide swiftly by;
    And hedges leafing with the green springtide;
    From out their greenery the old birds fly,
    And chirp and whistle in the morning sun;
    The pilewort glitters ‘neath the pale blue sky,
    The little robin has its nest begun
    The grass-green linnets round the bushes fly.
    How mild the spring comes in! the daisy buds
    Lift up their golden blossoms to the sky.
    How lovely are the pingles in the woods!
    Here a beetle runs – and there a fly
    Rests on the arum leaf in bottle-green,
    And all the spring in this sweet lane is seen.


  2. Ann Cross says:

    Love it! Thanks Bob.

  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    love the video … and photo of Grove hill,without sentries
    Pedros poem is perfect.

  4. Clive says:

    Great video and the music is very nice even though a bit jazzy….lol
    cheers Bob

  5. peter says:

    Fantastic Video Bob…… When I was a youngster I used to live not too far from these lanes in Four Oaks, many a day I would walk from Forge Lane Little Aston along the same lanes and end up at the Birmingham Road before then crossing over across the fields and through the woods into Little Hay and then up Camp Hill to Mere Green and back home. No mobile Phone, just an OS map and a haversack with drinks and buttys, oh those were the days………. thinking about it this weekend might be good for a reunion……….
    All the best and thanks for stirring some great childhood memories.


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