Don’t forget your clocks


11:35. Got it? Good. Image from the local LibDem Ford Focus Team. Or perhaps they only need a Ka now.

For years, there was a local newspaper cliche that every time the clocks changed, the evening rag would feature a female model in various states of dress or undress, holding or pointing to a clock, to remind people that their timepieces required winding on.

Thankfully we now live in more enlightened times, but in order to revive this venerable and time-honoured trope, here’s Ian from Willenhall demonstrating that at 10:35 tomorrow morning, it will in fact be 11:35, due to the commencement of British Summer Time.

Ian’s hobbies include blogging frantically, supporting the underdog (as long as someone cleans up after it) and local politics.

Ian would probably like to turn the clock back to early 2010 like many of us, but we’ll just have to do with an hour forwards for now.

(I do support Ian on the dog poo, however. It’s horrid. And you buggers who bag it and leave it on hedges etc. want slapping.)

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  1. The Realist says:

    Wonderful and timely.

    In the spirit of Mock the Week, is he saying

    a) vote for me and this is what will happen to your ballot paper
    b) this is our new housing policy
    c) this where you place all spineless creatures that might be found in Willenhall
    d) this is a bin. In this bin is a savage Bird, a Bird that I have loathed (on and off) for many years. I am just about to throw myself into the bin. Only one of us will emerge
    e) some bastard has put a dog, or a sticker, in the bin
    f) I just got took short
    g) I am just an unaware, self-serving prat who will do anything to con the poor buggers in Willenhall to think of me as a man of the people and grab public cash
    h) a major retailer offered this modelling job through an agency. I am unhappy wih the pose, but it paid well

    No wonder the bugger voted for Primark.

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