A royal club?


A fine group of Walsall Wood blokes… but who are they? Image kindly supplied by Lisa Ashby (nee Downes).

Here’s a quick one sent to me by ace photo restorer, top local lady and longstanding friend of the blog, Lisa Ashby – it’s a great Walsall Wood photo, believed to feature the committee of the King Street Club.

Lisa’s grandfather Edgar Downes is front row, left, with the cap on his lap – but who are the other chaps, and when and where was this taken?

Lisa sent me the image on Facebook last week, and asked:

Hi Bob,

This is a photo of my Grandad, Edgar Downes (front row with the white cap on his lap)…  I think he is with the rest of the committee of King Street club in Walsall Wood, which he was a member of for years.

Do you or any of your great mates, know who these other fellas are?


You know what I’m going to ask – go on then folks, lets see if we can help Lisa out – I’m sure the Walsall Wood contingent will have something to say.

Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks!

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4 Responses to A royal club?

  1. Pedro says:

    Can’t find any mention of King’s Street Club in the Archives, could it have known by any other name?

    There are a few mentions of the inhabitants of King Street at the Petty Sessions, including a miner who summoned another from Queen Street, Walsall Wood for striking him on the head with a log.

  2. carl wood says:

    Hi Bob, The chap in the back row 2nd from left im sure is my Dad, William Wood. He lived at no 14 king street and was a member of king street club for years.I dont know if he was a committee member.

  3. david oakley says:

    Hi Bob,
    The man, second right on the back row is Sam Evans, an elderly man, who lived in Aldridge Road, Walsall Wood. I say elderly, as I never remember him otherwise. Going by this, I should date the photo as late ‘30’s, early ‘40’s.
    I went to school with a Leslie Wood who lived near the club, whose father was a member.
    The club was founded in the early 1930’s, has always been registered as King Street Progressive Club, as far as I know, and is still going strong.

  4. Lisa Ashby says:

    Thanks All….
    Not only is this interesting from my family point of view, but also interesting as a piece of social history.

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