How many….?

In the last hour, this blog passed a milestone.

2,000,000 hits in just over 5½ years.

Thanks to everyone who reads, contributes and helps keep this ramshackle pile of tat on the road. This is a community enterprise and with the energy and enthusiasm shown by readers, we keep exploring our place, our history and our community.


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15 Responses to How many….?

  1. John D says:

    That’s brilliant Bob – well done – onward and upward!!!

  2. morturn says:

    Great stuff!!

  3. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    excellent… know the rest, old chap!

    kind regards
    Young David

  4. Ann Cross says:

    Congratulations Bob, great stuff, as always!

  5. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Congratulations….Keep up the good work

  6. Andy Tidy says:

    Bob – I may be able to offer a suggestion about the possibility if a lock keepers cottage off Pelsall Road / Coppice Side. Whilst its true the the W&E was a contour canal there was a private canal serving Coppice Colliery called the Slough Arm. This canal did have one lock on it _ its still there today if you take a look in the woods. My record of the site can be found here:
    I don’t have any old maps of the area but its quite possible that there was a lock keeper and a cottage on the site to control boat movements. Given the description of the adjoining roads this is a more likely location than Ogley Top Lock. Andy

  7. Graeme Fisher says:

    Ramshackle pile of tat….. it’s what the internet is for. Informative, funny, challenging, bitter, political, imaginative, sharing…. something for everyone. The 365 years of cycling is amazing, without all the other tat you bombard us with. Stop, and I shall weep. I must buy you a beer one day.

  8. Trev says:

    Hi Bob, You don’t relize what your Blog means to us all, that’s why you have over 2 million hits,
    Thanks Bob. Trev (Hovis)

  9. Thanks, everyone!

  10. Mike Stackhouse says:

    2million hits that are informative, enjoyable,sad at times, people love and hate but whichever they cannot stop being a follower. So Carry on leading us into our History, good or bad! and here’s to many many more! and a very special thanks to the Davids, Pedros, Trevs who bring things forward, (or maybe that should be backwards ) to our minds. Heres to the next 2 million.

  11. Congratulations 😉 Now you’re famous I don’t suppose that you’ll want to talk to us mere mortals….

    • Cheers, Linda. Please blog more, I love your stuff.

      Famous? As an email I once received from a chap in Chasetown stated ‘You may be making a big noise in Brownhills, but you’re bugger all in Burntwood!’

      A touch of reality there


  12. stuart cowley says:

    Well done chap, the quality of the content speaks for itself.

  13. andyropes7 says:

    Keep the good work going its great information to help with community spirit
    many thanks for your support FTGOTW

  14. Pedro says:

    Will the Blog reach 3 million by 1st August 2015?

    Victor Handler……Up the Arm
    William Tills………Shoulder
    Joe Moral…………Ear’ole

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