Corn exchange

Here’s one I’ve been meaning to run for days and really is long overdue for an airing – so apologies to Chasewater’s Swan Lady, Irene Hodges who’s appealing for donations of chicken corn or brown bread to feed the Chasewater flock over the winter.

What made me think about it yesterday was spotting the seven Catshill cygnets and their parents in a loose group near Target Point at Chasewater yesterday. So pleased to see them doing so well.

Irene, you’ll remember, alerted us to the black swan recently she recently saw at Chasewater.

Irene is concerned that since the water level is low, there may not be enough natural food for the large number of birds living on the lake this winter, and for many winters now and in all weathers, Irene has selflessly looked after he adopted flock.

Irene said:

Hi Bob

I do care so much for the swans as you know. But they have not had any natural food (pond weed or stone wort) for four years and bread really isn’t good but it keeps them from going hungry.

So we buy mixed chicken corn and in winter lay pellets.

It only grows in the shallow part of water. So recent works have caused a shortage.

 Sans Kitchen helps me and a few others, but anyone else who can help is welcome.

Thank you for your time.


We all love the birds and so if you maybe work in a shop where you throw out out-of-date bread, or if you have surplus chicken feed you don’t need, please comment here or mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Cheers for your help. Irene and her husband are a wonderful couple who work hard to look after the wildlife out of their own pockets, so any help would be most welcome.


Irene and her husband are out in all weathers to feed their grateful charges.

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14 Responses to Corn exchange

  1. Maria Smith says:

    Where do we drop the corn off??

  2. s.dukes says:

    the amount of natural food locally in woods etc should surely sustain the birds lets not forget most poultry will forage for insects which are in abundance we should not interfere with natural diets birds get dependant on this and we end up feeding forever let nature take care of itself…!!

  3. s.dukes says:

    we also have a nasty problem in shelfield people throwing vast amounts of bread and other waste foods into stubbers green pool are not only encouraging vermin /vast amounts of canada goose but also suffocating the natural weeds which many birds depend on let the birds feed themselves they will manage!!

    • peter says:

      Hi……. Agree fully that “Vast amounts of bread” is not ideal and it does cause problems all round. I do think though that by supporting people who know what they’re doing (i.e. Irene and her husband) during what could be barren spells for the birds is a commendable thing to do.
      All the best ……… Peter

  4. Dee says:


    I will donate some

    You are a lovely keep up the good work the swans are starving

    It’s amazing how they know who u are

    I love how u hand feed them all the bread and corn

    A pleasure to see

    🙂 xx

  5. Neil from cannock says:


    I have seen you feeding the swans. A good hearted person who cares so much for the swans. I will gladly help your excellent cause.It is such a shame their natural food has disappeared due to all draining of the water.

    The world would be a better place if there were more people like you



  6. Linda and Carl says:


    Sometimes nature needs a little help and I admire what u are doing

    Keep it up


  7. Kevin Leach says:

    like info

  8. julie collis says:

    I would love to donate perhaps a local drop off point could be arranged to drop off corn for irene and her husband to feed the local wildlife

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