Anybody lost a pair of Labradors?


Hillmans veterinary surgery: often taking in the found and abandoned. Top people caring for our best friends.

[Added 7:20am 2nd October: Thanks to reader Edwina and comments on Facebook the wandering hounds have been reunited with their owner – thanks for the help, everyone!]

A quick shout out for some found hounds in Brownhills: the following post is currently circulating (2nd October 2014) on Facebook in local circles:

Cottontails and Whiskers
12 hrs ·
Two Labradors have been found in Brownhills one black one yellow. Both in good condition someone must be missing them? More info to follow please spread the word. They are currently at Hillmans vets in Brownhills.

I have no further info; should any be forthcoming, I’ll post it here. You can contact Hillmans in Brownhills here:

4 Brickiln St, Brownhills
01543 375154

Opening hours:  9:00am – 7:00pm

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2 Responses to Anybody lost a pair of Labradors?

  1. Edwina says:

    Just thought you might like to know the escapee’s have been happily returned to owners. They “broke out to freedom” through a hole in the fence in their back garden. They have happily been re-united with their owners thanks to some kindness and good detective work by three local folk.

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