Brownhills police station set to close

I see from a report in the generally on-the-ball Walsall Advertiser that Brownhills Police Station – virtually mothballed already – looks set to close and be sold off, along with the main Walsall headquarters in Walsall at Green Lane and other local sites.

The police presence in Brownhills will be moved to the former police house next door.

Where this leaves the award-winning Brownhills Police Safety House, I’m unsure, and I think that requires clarification. Surely it can’t fulfil both functions when acting as a station?

The report in the Advertiser says:

Services provided at Brownhills main station will be moved into a modern detached house on the same site, which is the crime prevention facility for the force.

The move is expected to take place over the next two years.

Chief Supt Sturman added: ‘It makes sense to move into a more modern facility because the main station is under utilised.’

The neighbourhood policing team will be accommodated alongside Aldridge, Streetly and Pheasey teams.

Read the full article here.

I’m not surprised, frankly; Brownhills has been virtually abandoned for years, but it’s sad to see it go. As for moving Green Lane into Bloxwich and the Civic Centre, that sounds like madness to me – but the force has the pound signs in their eyes. That land will be worth a fair bit.

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  1. Being blunt, Aldridge is in more or less the same position. There is a station yes but the opening hours are so restricted as to render them and service as worse than useless as I discovered when a certain person had his accident! Obviously, there just cannot be enough crime in areas where cop shops are closing! I doubt any campaign will be listened to, if they can close stations like Aston, Kingstanding etc then there isn’t a hope in hell that any stations in Walsall will be spared

  2. Peter says:

    It’s hardly a surprise is it? Not sure that the “house” next door is a “modern” detached house and even if it is modern inside how can it be a police station as well? The neighbourhood policing team will be accommodated alongside Aldridge, Streetly and Pheasey teams, where for goodness sake? The only reason the real police station is under utilised is because we don’t have any flamin coppers in it! I was the victim of a crime 2 years ago and when I found that Aldridge and Brownhills Police Stations were closed for lunch or half day closing or something it was suggested to me that I made an “appointment” at Walsall !!!!!!!!!
    The thin blue line is getting ever thinner, not the fault of the boys and girls you occasionally see out and about doing their jobs of course, but the Police presence is getting less and less all the time.
    When I come to power I’m going to have a Police Station in every town and village and pay them a decent wage.
    All the best……………………………………

  3. Edwina. says:

    What;s your name Peter I’m voting for you!!!!

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