A happy resolution, and the generosity of strangers

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Castings PLC in Brownhills. Imagery from Bing! Maps.

A couple of weeks back on August 24th 2014, I put out an unusual enquiry as I’d had a reader get in touch who said they’d found something belonging to one D.I. Sims, who may  have worked at Castings PLC in Brownhills. They wanted to remain anonymous, but hoped to get the item back to the owner.

Following the appeal, thanks to a number of people getting in touch via Facebook and email, I found that Dennis Sims did indeed work at Castings Brownhills factory and someone obligingly tipped him the nod. He wrote to me last weekend.

After an exchange of emails between all involved, Dennis wrote to me today:

Hello Bob

Just to let you know I contacted the finder and the lost item has been returned safe and sound thank you very much for your assistance.

thank you

Thank you to all involved – for the honesty and trouble of the reader who found the item, and to all those who helped with information to enable it’s safe return.

These days, it’s easy to be cynical, but there are still good people around and it’s nice to share a happy ending – and it’s very courteous of Dennis to say thanks, too.

So, we got from lost relatives, to lost canaries, found keys and now, lost mystery objects. What’s next?

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