Anyone about near Walsall Wood?

The Stymaster has just pointed out on twatter that he thinks the demolition of the old St John’s School in Walsall Wood may be underway. If anyone is in the area (I’m not, sadly) any chance of a few pictures? I’ll mention you in dispatches.

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  1. peter says:

    Hi. Just been down, albeit ony with a mobile phone camera, although it is a nice sunny day so shouldn’t be too bad.
    Lots of preparation work undertaken, fencing, signs, scaffolding, yellow jackets etc……. the usual sort of stuff, currently removing tiles from the adjacent bungalow but no physical activity on the School itself, yet!
    Spoke to a couple of the chaps involved in the work, they expect to be there for some time to come so plenty of opportunity for people with proper cameras to join in.
    I’ll whizz the images across to you Bob this afternoon.
    Mind how you go………..

  2. stymaster says:

    I’ll look forward to any images anyone manages to get: couldn’t stop as I was on the way to work. The tiles are now gone from the bungalow- I guess that will go first to clear space.

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