Normal service resumes…


It looked a lot like this here at the weekend, only less organised. Image from Gizmodo.

Sorry folks, due to the longer than expected time it took to set up the new computer plus a panic at work, posts and emails haven’t been happening this week as they normally would. I can finally say the computer is running well and has all the required stuff on it now to get on with things.

Please, if you’ve sent me an email since the end of last week and I’ve not responded, or if I’ve missed something in the comments, please do drop me another line. I’m trying to get through stuff, but reminders would be handy, please. I get a lot of mail and it’s hard to see the wood for the trees if I take my eye of the ball.

I’d particularly request (sorry to be a pain, lads!) that David and Peter (and anyone else involved) drop me a quick summary of the Derry thing, and have I missed anything you wanted posted?

Cheers, folks. Your help is appreciated, and my apologies for being an arse.

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5 Responses to Normal service resumes…

  1. Andy Dennis says:

    This is some serious spaghetti!

  2. Pedro says:

    Is that an old 78 I see around top right?

    Amazing what you accumulate over the years!

  3. martin says:

    spaghetti junction use to think mine was bad

  4. peter says:

    This looks a lot like I imagine the inside of my head looks like! Critical mass was reached some years ago now……………… must get some re-wiring done………..

    Mind how you go……


  5. Caz says:

    i’m just wondering when Bob crept into my house and took a photo of my sons bedroom lol

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