Today, I did something apparently reckless. Despite dire warnings to stay at home, and after the dreadfully tough ride of the day before, I decided to venture out over Cannock Chase again.

Deciding that yes, my journey was absolutely necessary, I spun from Chasewater, over Bleak House, Rainbow Hill, Slitting Mill, Penkridge Bank and down into Abraham’s Valley. I returned via Rifle Range Corner, Maquis Drive, Kitbag Hill, Lower and Upper Cliff and Stonepit Green, leaving the Chase at Castle Ring.

The going was reasonable, but it was very, very muddy, the wind was rough in places. The beauty of the day more than made up for it though, and it was nice to see others out enjoying nature on a day that would have fitted April better than October.

For more of this stuff, see my 365daysofbiking Tumblr journal.

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8 Responses to Stormcock

  1. Tony Jakeman says:

    You mad reckless fool

  2. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    thanks for the photos..had the Chase all to yourself…and a few incredulous deer….

  3. Clive says:

    Nice Photos Bob.

  4. Warren Parry says:

    Nice work Bob, but absolubtly wreckless. What if a crisp bag had blown up and knocked you off your trusty stead?
    They couldn’t forcast my a**e.

  5. Trevor Brown says:

    Hi Bob and all my mates, That stone is that at Castle Ring? My old Dad would have loved to see all those Deer Bob, he spent many days up there in the 60s but never had the pleasure of seeing any Deer,
    regards Hovis

    • Hi Trev

      For some reason, the trig pillar at Castle Ring was removed in the 1980s and ins now just a ground stud. That’s the one at the top of Pepper Slade, between the old ranges. The one at Stile Cop, near Wandon still exists as does the one at Chase Road, near Brockton.
      Local runners do a four trig-point run, I’m told. I bet that’s a grueller.
      Deer are very common up there now, at least the fallows. I occasionally see Muntjac near Castle Ring and Stonepit Green, but they’re too fast to photograph. Don’t see any reds, though, which is what we have here. If I’m honest I think the fallows are now at saturation level.

  6. Edwina. says:

    Brilliant photos – yet again … how do you do it?

  7. Cheers for the kind words, everyone. Seems we escaped lightly with the storm…

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