Once in a lifetime

Yesterday, between about 7:45pm and 8:10pm, something incredible happened. I first noticed a great sunset developing from the edge of Hopwas Hays Wood, near Whittington, and by the time I got to Knowle Hill near Lichfield, it was extraordinary. All the above images were taken around Wall, south of Lichfield.

I have never, ever seen a sunset like this. I bet it was incredible at Chasewater, and signals that we’re now entering the second sunset season of the year. Over the next few weeks, there should be lots of good ones, just as there are at about the equivalent period in the spring. But I bet none will be like that one.

There must be an astronomical or meteorological reason why the sunsets are good for two periods each year, but I’m clueless about both. Anyone know?

None of these images have been retouched.

For more images from my day-to-day cycling, check out my 365daysofbiking Tumblr journal.

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7 Responses to Once in a lifetime

  1. Trevor says:

    Just Brilliant Bob

  2. Edwina says:


  3. Mick P says:

    Another clutch of Brownills Bob desktops. Magnificent, thank you.

  4. Ann Cross says:

    All of the above! Thank you.

  5. Kevin Osborne says:

    The other week we were in west Wales and there was a red moon. I looked up the reason. A low moon has the light from the sun reflecting off it but as light is made up of red green and blue rays only the red rays can penetrate the particles in the low atmosphere. Hence the moon looks red. Now I don’t know if any of that has something to do with the glorious sun set pictures you have taken,

  6. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Love these photos….super

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