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Carers Workshops coming soon to Brownhills Activities Centre

Those who follow the blog will know that the status and support of carers and the ones they love is an issue that’s very close to my heart. It’s with that in mind that I gladly run this piece advertising Carer’s Support Workshops at Brownhills Activities Centre.

Friend of the blog Bonita Clayton of Brownhills Community Association wrote to me with full details:

Hi Bob

Would you please advertise this leaflet on your blog for us. I have scanned the leaflet, so hope the image is ok, if not please let me know.

These are quite important workshops for unpaid carers in the area and your support would be appreciated to get the word out to people who need help.

I have listed the dates, if anyone needs any further information on the workshops they are welcome to ring the Community Office which is open 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.


A Carers’ development programme providing free bitesize workshops for unpaid carers.

Workshops at:

Brownhills Community Association
Activity Centre
Chester Road North

  • 9.00am – 12.30pm Thursday 13th June
  • 9.00am – 12.30pm Thursday 11th July
  • 9.00am – 12.30pm Thursday 8th August
  • 9.00am – 12.30pm Thursday 12th September
  • 9.00am – 12.30pm Thursday 17th October
  • 9.00am – 12.30pm Thursday 14th November
  • 9.00am – 12.30pm Thursday 12th December




However much of an experienced carer you are, there’s something on offer. Caring can be lonely and this is also a great chance to meet others in the same situation. Click for a larger version.


Walsall Council are actively trying to support carers in our community. Why not call them for a chat? Click for a larger version.

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