Meet the species on Brownhills Common tomorrow!

Male GCN @ Brownhills Common

Not all residents of Brownhills Common are as uniquely handsome as this fine fellow. Photo by Walsall Wildlife and posted in their Flickr photo stream.

Here’s one for people interested in the issues surrounding Brownhills Common. If you can make time, do toddle along at 1pm and go listen to very experienced, knowledgable naturalists and conservationists talk about just what a special, rare habitat Brownhills Common is, and why it requires careful and measured stewardship.

If you’ve only heard the alarmists, it’s a good opportunity to go out and meet, talk and listen to people who understand the issues and love the wildlife.

Please go if you can.

Meet the Species Day: Heathlands

At Brownhills Common

Monday, 20th May

An open invitation for the public to spend an afternoon on Brownhills Common with staff from Walsall Countryside Services, where you will be introduced to some of the rarer and more elusive residents of our most valuable habitat!

Meet at the Holland Park Car Park at 1pm.


Just some of the interesting wildlife that lives on our common

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  1. buster3640 says:

    What a wonderful few hours it was! I’ve walked over the common a 1000 times over the past 15 years and as there are changes about to be made I thought I’d pop along to learn more about what is under our noses. I met some of our wonderful rangers and locals, learned about our wildlife and the new proposals for the common (it’s really not all bad news at all). We really are lucky people to have the common and other areas on our doorstep. We are also very lucky to have the Rangers and locals who care so much.

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