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walsall Wood from the air to the southwest, looking northeast up the Lichfield Road to Shire Oak and beyond. Note the Shire Oak Brewery chimney at the top of the hill. Image diligently hunted down and donated by David Evans. Click to marvel at the full size version.

Here’s a quick one while I’m a bit tied up with other stuff. This image was featured here in various forms before, but never at this size or clarity. David Evans, reader and contributor extraordinaire, has spent no little time hunting down a good copy for all to marvel at.

David Said:

Hello Bob

This is a complete, in focus, intact scan of my 1926 aerial photo for your readers to enjoy sometime.

Please if you can, put this on the blog. It is just  as good as the original photo… And you can clearly see the Fold in Friezland Lane, the cot in Brownhills Road, Bulls Head Yard, Higgs bungalow (there’s one for the locals!), the tennis courts behind the church and another tennis court (which belonged to a well-known person), a couple of local bakeries, a blacksmiths forge or two, the railway staion in all its glory, just a clip of the Bloodtub, a snooker room, the Royal Exchange fold ,the newly extended  school near Streets Corner, a certain thatched cottage, the Rookery, the windpump, the back to backs in Brownhills Road, Lovers Lane and much more!

I am so grateful to a certain kind artist whose own meticulous computer records have saved this photo for everyone to enjoy .

My grandma lived in Brownhills Road and locally we talked of ’round the Cape’.

The common there was orignally common grazing. I wonder if there is a drover connection, and also possibly then with Friezland Lane’s Fold, which first showed as an enclosure on the common.

kind regards


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7 Responses to I can see clearly now

  1. Clive says:

    Thank you Dave and Bob, great ariel photo, will be studing it tonight.

  2. Ann Cross says:

    Many thanks to David and Bob, amazing to see the houses “round the back” of the Royal Exchange where we used to play amongst the overgrown weeds and brambles and just the outlines of the ruins.

  3. Andy Simon says:

    Excellent! I can see my parents house on friezland lane on that photo! I dont suppose you have any photos of the old WMC on friezland lane. My grandparents used to run it and my mum and my dad used to work in there (which is where he met my mum also)

  4. David Evans says:

    Hi Andy
    search; Enoch Pagett..may show some people of interest at the WMC. Can readers help Andy, please?
    good luck

  5. pedro says:

    April 1912….Drunk in Charge…

    Frank Lloyd, butcher, Commonside, Brownhills, was summoned for being drunk in charge of a horse and trap in Ogley Lane…PC Oakes said he was drunk and swaying from one side of the trap to the other. The reins hanging loosely on the horse’s back, and had no control of the horse. He followed him to his house and saw him in the back yard, and told him he was in no fit state to drive a horse. Further evidence was given by Thomas Smith, bootmaker, Brownhills, and William Cook of the Royal Oak, as to the defendant’s condition.

    The defendant said that he had never been convicted before in his life, Enoch Pagett, miner, Brownhills and William Hall, bricklayer both stated that the defendant was driving steadily on the date mentioned.

    As the defendant had a good character he was let off on payment 0f £1 3s 6d

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