Have your say on Walsall Council budget cuts today!

I’ve just had this heads up from Walsall Council. If you’re in Walsall at lunchtime, this could be worth a visit. This is open for all issues, of course, but I’m particularly mindful of the iminent cuts to Countryside Services, as detailed here previously.

The first stop shop bus is going to be in Park Street today 2-4pm for National Consumer week. They are also doing public face to face consultation with the public about budget cuts.

Jamie Morris (Executive Director of Neighbourhoods) is going to be there at about 1pm (or around then). Councillor Towe may also make an appearance, but not confirmed.

Cheers, Bob

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  • Neil Harris

    I’ve sent feedback to previous requests, think it was Common People’s link;
    Do the results ever get published anywhere? Or do they just release a press release saying “we’ve listened but we’re going to do this anyway”?

  • peter

    So we have National Consumer Week and we get a bus in the town centre for 2 whole hours between 2 and 4 in the afternoon, that should be a nice quiet shift then, there are still people in Walsall with a job! Executive Directors ( what happened to cabinet members?) talking to the public, face to face! whatever next? Wonder if Councillor Towe turned up?
    Mind how you go…….

    • Neil Harris

      Completely disgusting. I get to Walsall around 4.45pm with hundreds of others, perfectly willing to queue to have “my say”. Only to find it closed at 4pm. Seems they don’t really want to here what the normal working council tax payer wants to say after all.


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