I was in a hurry…

Just crawlin’ up a hill…

We’ve all been there. Got home from work, only to find the wee red card from Postman Pat. On Saturday morning, I had to go to Walsall to the sorting office to pick up a missed parcel. Sadly, I’d been a bit tardy getting stuff done, and left the house at 1:30pm. The office closes at 2:00pm.

Despite of a headwind, I was locking my bike up outside the sorting office at 1:50pm.

Here’s how, speeded up by a factor of four. We join the journey at Walsall Wood. The music is the wonderful ‘Neuschnee’ (‘New Zealand’) by German ‘Krautrock’ band Neu, from 1975. A truly remarkable band I’ve only just got into. I can see now where much of the Hauntology stuff got it’s inspiration from

Purely to annoy fellow blogging pal @TheStymaster, here’s the section over the Black Cock Bridge, at normal speed. Highest gear. All I can say is all the doughnuts, cake and tea make for good fuel…

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  1. Clive says:

    The video was about the same speed as me on my motorcycle, but with out the wobble…lol.

  2. Graeme Fisher says:

    I had a similar situation in sunny Stourbridge. Got to the sorting office ten minutes before it closed and joined the queue down the street. Forty people. The sorting office now has a collection point in the old post office which holds three people. The guys who work there must have looked at the queue and decided on overtime above anarchy. I admire and thank them for a moment of sense and community spirit. I got my parcel twenty minutes after they officially closed – well done, folks.

  3. Dave D says:

    We finally know your surname… Bob Wiggins

  4. Rose Burnell says:

    Cutting out the finding a parking space, possibly purchasing pay and display and walking to destination from car park must save about ten minutes! 🙂

  5. stymaster says:

    I’ll not be rude :-). As you’d expect, you’re a good bit stronger than me….

    I find the bridge a tiny bit easier that way, but it’s still bottom gear (or maybe 1 up) for me, and a struggle. The other way I find the gradual rise from Green Lane robs me of momentum and it’s a long, slow crawl in first.

  6. Caz says:

    I used to be able to get up that side,no idea what gear i was in, i just pedalled as fast as i could and hoped for the best. When….or should i say if i got to the top i breathed a sigh of relief then got my breath back rolling down the other side. As for the Green Lane side…..i don’t even try anymore. i get off and push, as i prefer to reach the top alive.

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