Patience is a virtue

Continuing the thread on bad road use

Wall Heath Lane, Lynn, near Stonnall at 6pm, Thursday 20th September 2012. I’m cycling home, and suddenly become aware of an over-revving engine behind me. A young woman in a red hatchback tries to overtake on a blind bend, but has to brake sharply behind me to avoid an oncoming car.

There’s a brief pause as I turn and look at her in astonishment, I was actually dumbstruck at the stupidity of the manoeuvre. She mouths some abuse, then clearly losing her temper, she floors it and continues t0 overtake, still on a blind bend, shouting and gesturing ‘Wanker!’ at me.

Much of the action takes place behind me, and so isn’t caught on camera, but you can clearly see the oncoming driver react, and the fit of pique in which the overtake is completed.

The driver clearly wasn’t concentrating, and I genuinely fear for her safety and that of any other unfortunate road user she may hit.

I trust Karma will sort that one out. Either that, or the front of a truck… in the mean time, look out for T7NKC around the area. She’s clearly a hazard to others.

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  1. Keith says:

    and I suppose what caused her rage was you weaving all over the place drinking from a promotional sized whisky bottle ? No, you were just a lower road user in her way…

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