Lovely sentiment here on the Burley debacle. Brought to my attention by the wonderful Ben Whitehouse (@benjiw).

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  1. Rob says:

    I didn’t realise that it was a crime against humanity to attend a social gathering where fellow revellers were fashion victims, much less to be held responsible for what someone else decided to wear.

    As bad as that is, what are we to make of certain individuals who actually dress themselves in this manner?

    I’m sure you’ll castigate the errant one at your earliest opportunity. It’s not like you to miss the chance of unleashing a political diatribe.

    “Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer…………………………”

  2. Rob says:

    Fascinated by hypocrisy I guess.

    • Everyone needs a hobby. You’re a constant delight.



      • Rob says:

        As is your political bias.

        • I never said I was impartial. Well done on spotting the fact that I’m a left winger, it must be so hard to tell.

          This blog is me, warts and all. I look forward to reading anything you may create. Yeah, my spelling and typing are poor, and I’m no writer, but I care about my community and our history. I’ve had a go at making something, and in most respects, it seems to be quite well read. It takes a lot of work to do this and I don’t think that would be possible if I wasn’t opinionated and determined.

          If folk don’t like that, they’re free to find the countless other, better written and curated blogs that more closely align their worldview. It would be dull indeed if we all thought the same things.

          On the whole, I like people that give a toss, and I like people who try to create things, rather than just negatively denigrating stuff others create without any positive contribution.

          Some people will always take the effort others make as a personal attack. Sad, but an interesting thing.



          • Peter says:

            Bob. I for one for what it’s worth, dont agree with everything you transmit by way of an opinion, but then again I don’t expect you to agree with all of my opinions, but I think that a mutual respect is present.
            That’s how things work generally, I like the idea that people have different view points and thoughts.
            Personally, by way of an opinion, I think those that disagree fundamentally with the content of the blog for only political reasons should go and read something more aligned to their persuasions, where they could perhaps be more fulfilled and a lot less frustrated.
            Just a thought!

  3. Rob says:

    Yes, your authoritarianism has never been concealed.

    That’s the aspect of the left (a belief that if they like something and approve of it then by definition, so must everyone else) that is possibly the most disturbing and frightening to those who value their freedom and liberty.

    • I’m so sorry I threaten your freedom and liberty. After all, I thought I was just expressing my views and interests in a blog. Wow.

      Why is it that when the right wing wish to be opinionated it’s free speech, and when the left wish to be, it’s authoritarian threats to freedom?

      You poor, victimised soul, you.



  4. Rob says:

    Maybe because the right just express an opinion and the left pass laws about hate crimes and the like?

    • Do you find laws against hate crimes limiting your daily activities?



      • Rob says:

        Not on a daily basis but I don’t welcome a long-term threat to freedom of expression.
        If certain aspects of human behaviour are unsatisfactory I’d favour education over legislation.

        • I’ve never found anything I wish to express constrained by the law.

          Is there something you’d really like to say, Rob?

          Freedom of speech does not equate with the freedom to abuse.



  5. Rob says:

    Why have you raised the issue of abuse?

    I simply said I didn’t welcome a long-term threat to freedom of expression.

    Maybe you should read what I write and not what you wish I’d write.

    Sorry to disappoint and not portray myself as some knuckle-dragging BNP type. Those leftie urges are impossible to control, aren’t they?

    Better luck next time.


    • The only person mentioning the BNP and knuckle dragging is you, Rob.

      We have hate speech laws, because if not, a small section of people would use the freedom of speech to abuse others. It’s as simple as that.

      Folk have a freedom not to be abused on the basis of the ethnicity, disability or religion. I’m proud to say I’m from a country with the good sense to enshrine that.

      Theres nothing that could possibly be said that broke the laws we had, that would be positive, justified or welcome.



  6. Pedro says:

    Don’t know much about Polotics, but I have a mind that Brown Hils is famous for strikers (Local Quiz 3)

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