The path of pointlessness

Located on the Daw End Branch canal, near the old railway bridge at the back of the brickworks. Spotted a few months ago, but broached again last week by The Stymaster, what on earth is going on here?

A newly-laid, shale and timber path dives off the canal towpath, and circumnavigates a thicket. Skirting the brickworks fence, it returns up a well made set of steps, and rejoins the towpath 10 metres further on. The length of the path? Probably less than 20 metres.

The equipment to build it seems to have come from the brickworks, as barriers and the like are lying the other side of the palisade fence.

I have no idea. Very nice, but a whole bunch of effort, apparently without any point whosoever. Unless any readers know better?

Interestingly, recently updated Google Earth imagery shows the semicircular patch in the early stages of construction – this image was taken by aeroplane on 26th March, 2012. Hat tip to reader Roger ‘Ziksby’ Jones who spotted the Google plane in action.

Leaving the towpath…

Skirting the brickworks fence…

Nice steps, built to last…

…and back to the towpath. Anyone know what’s going on here?


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6 Responses to The path of pointlessness

  1. pedro says:

    Looking at the Google Earth view of the canal reminded me of this picture I took approaching Stourport…

    Regards Pedro

  2. pedro says:

    Quite a puzzle.

    If something, for safety reasons, was to happen on the opposite bank, or indeed on the bank where the path is, the towpath is normally just shut off, and you have to retrace your steps to previous place available to get off the towpath.

    But this path seems too grand to be temporary. Perhaps there is to be another sculpture of a fisherman!

  3. Barry Carpenter says:

    Just looking on GE, upto 2007 there was a bridge in place, your last photo shows the retaining wall. I wonder if this was something to do with the access to the bridge at some point?

  4. stymaster says:

    No, the bridge has been gone for a couple of years, way before the path appeared.

  5. Monna says:

    I asked the bloke laying the path, he said it will lead down to the pool when its opened to the public. I remember reading somewhere that when the brick company is finished with the quarry it will be turned into a nature reserve.

  6. Monna says:

    I also asked the bloke from the brick company to lay some gravel on the public right of way from Stubbers Green Lane to the canal towpath that is between the quarry and the waste dump because it is flooded. I believe it is being done deliberately , Why i dont know.

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