Tug of love

Not as old as I thought, then…

Remember the post from reader Peter about the odd structure behind the Brickmakers Arms in Walsall Wood? It seems the tug-of-war  team theory is correct. Over to Steve Turner, all the way over in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, who knows all about it…

Dear Bob,

Have great fun reading your blog, I am out in sunny Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, keep at them!

Any way the structure at the rear of the Brickmakers arms is a training aid for the pub tug of war team, The superslim soldiers as they are called in the trade.

Were supplied by RMD, Kwikform in Aldridge, different sizes bolted together to make the required length , pulley wheel and weights on the bottom.

The structure is embedded in concrete,the lads pull against the weights till they get a thirst then into the pub for refreshment!!

I think it was erected in 2002, but the tug of war team has been going a lot longer than that.

Best Wishes

Steve Turner

RMD Kwikform Saudi Arabia.

My thanks to Steve, and I guess that’s another local mystery solved… and I’d never have guessed what it was for.

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  1. Peter says:

    Steve, Thank you for the comment, I saw originally the structure and began to wonder what practical use for the pub it could provide? Almost straight away young Brownhills David (not Bob) suggested tug-o-war training and here you have confirmed it.
    Some discussion topics on this blog of Bob’s are important socially, some are urgent, some are plain daft and others like this one fairly trivial, whatever the category though it is fascinating how the answer is generally found by either hours and hours of studying at local history centres, news archives, old photos in a loft somewhere, or as in this case a guy living in constant sunshine, warmth on his back reading this blog half way around the world!

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