We get by with a little help

Readers who know the blog well, and maybe follow me on Twatter will know that mental health issues and those concerning carers concern me greatly. It’s with that in mind that I run the following release for an innovative and welcome service in South Staffordshire.

We all need a bit of help getting through life sometimes. Don’t be scared to seek help. These people care, please do pay them a visit it you feel you need to.

Can’t think of a more relaxing background than Beacon Park… and the Pavillion is just wonderful. Picture from BPM.


People seeking mental health, depression, anxiety and improving their wellbeing support in Lichfield and Burntwood are able to access for free and without GP referral new services

Changes, a mental health organisation operating from Uttoxeter and Burton since April this year won their recent award for Lichfield, Tamworth, and Burntwood, offer a comprehensive range of services.

These include friendly mutual support groups, social activities, wellness workshops where users improve their ‘mental fitness,’ and offer opportunities for accredited training.

Changes are an organisation that was formed by people who have experience of using mental health services, and they will give local people opportunities via their accredited National Open College Network course to be involved in how their service is run.

Personalised support and services, greater independence and better opportunities are their priorities for Staffordshire people.

Changes have recently recruited volunteers from the communities of Lichfield and Burntwood to help people to access mainstream services. A series of social events will support users to practice their social skills, regain confidence, and ease themselves back into their local community.

Changes received the following testimony from one of their new service users:

‘My Auntie encouraged me to go to Changes in Tamworth, I was not intending to when the other day service shut down. I was very scared as I am a very nervous person and I have only just learnt to talk again at college as I have been mute for many years so meeting new people is very difficult for me as I will not talk to new faces.’

‘After only a week I had started to talk to others there as they are very warm and friendly people and as time has gone on I have managed to discuss my past and present problems. I have been attending the mutual support groups and have recently managed to speak a few words in front of a group that is a massive achievement for me. I have made friends inside and outside Changes; I have made a social life for myself, and have now enough confidence to go back to college.’

‘I have found confidence to talk to people at college and I am so much happier in my self my whole life has changed.’

A new Wellness course starts this Monday at the Pavilion in Beacon Park, Lichfield. It’s not only free, but public transport costs will be met. Come along and start benefiting straight away, in a safe, comfortable, and discreet session. Starts 10.30am and runs till 12.00pm.

Want to know more about Changes multi award winning work? Visit their web site: www.changes.org.uk for details of their open access South East Staffordshire meetings, no referral required. You can telephone Michelle at Tamworth Wellbeing Centre on 01827 311006, or Ann from Lichfield Wellbeing Centre on 01543 309770 and Samantha, Burntwood Wellbeing Centre on 01543 679000 who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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  1. Ian says:

    Thank you very much Bob, very kind of you to publicise it.

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