Remember the days of the old school yard?

I went somewhere today that I haven’t been for years. It was so evocative and touched me so much, that I took pictures. I know there are lots of other folks who read the blog who haven’t been here for ages, either.

My congratulations to Brownhills Community Association, who are doing an excellent job and put on a fine event. Much appreciated. Please get in touch, and I’ll promote your stuff here.

Sorry about the lack of posts, back to normal tomorrow…

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  1. 2uluru says:

    Remember the days of the old school yard?
    Yes I do!

    Most of all the photos remind me of the major “upgrade” of the 1960s when the open corridors were glazed in – so we only got frozen when scuttling off to the outside lavy block.

  2. Janet Davies says:

    Hello Bob
    Only just found the pictures on the blog,thank you for the comments about the Community Association, we are trying hard to make the old boys school a place for all ages to come and spend time doing social and recreational activities. Just looking at the pictures makes us realize how far we have come since moving out of the school in Deakin Avenue after 28 years it is a pleasure to work here and i love to hear the comments from former pupils who attended the school, the day to day running of the Brownhills Community Association runs from Mr Masseys old office who lots of people can associate with (good or bad.)
    If anyone would be interested in holding a reunion here we could look to put something on, if anyone is interested could you please contact 01543 452119 or come through to Brownhills bobs blog.

    We will be looking more often at the blog now!!!!!!!!

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  5. dave giddy says:

    Just come across this ,the memories came flooding back ,I was there 1959-63

    • Hello Dave

      Thank you for the email, yes we have worked very hard over the last three years since leaving our premise at the school to make this building a place that people want to come into to. There has been a lot of hard work and goodwill spent it time doing up the building.

      Lots of people attend here, that used to come when they were younger and like you get a real feeling of nostalgia when they return.

      Please feel free to pop in anytime, also try and attend our fun day which is being held on 9th August you can have a good look, around our building then.

      Thank you for your comments .

      • Steven. Jolly says:

        Hi Janet just found blog of my old school central what lovely memories even the cane Mr Massey and Smith would love to get back and visit brownhills it live so far away now I view up in freeth rd of Chase rd working at dewhurst butchers and poxons I believe poxens is still going well one day I may return look people up till then keep up the good work regards Steve jolly

  6. Derek Breeze says:

    I attended the boys school and left in 1953. Derek Breeze

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