Light in the darkness

As I noted on my 365daysofbiking Tumblr journal on Saturday, we’ve had some cracking sunsets lately; but Sunday’s was quite simply the most captivating I have ever witnessed. I was riding on Cannock Chase that afternoon, planning to go to Hoar Cross, but from the mellowness of the light I could tell something special was going to happen as the day died. Heading off the heath at Milford, I opted, on the spur of the moment, to cut over Shugborough, whereupon another snap decision saw me follow the canal back towards Little Haywood. As I did so, a gorgeous mist rose from the River Trent, and made the scenery magical. I just stopped, took photos and observed, quite breathless, for 30 minutes, until it was dark. I then headed home back over the Chase at Abraham’s Valley. Night riding on the CHase is a visceral experience, and everyone should have a go.

One of the many follies on the Shugborough Estate. 4:13pm, Sunday, 6th November 2011.

The mist rose up very quickly. From a lovely, hazy view of the canal... 4:31pm, Sunday, 6th November 2011. pink-tinged, mist wreathed loveliness in minutes. The canal is to the left; this is the floodplain of the River Trent. 4:40pm, Sunday, 6th November 2011.

I've never seen a sunset as beautiful as this. 4:48pm, Sunday, 6th November 2011.

I watched it and took photographs until darkness fell. 4:52pm, Sunday, 6th November 2011.

I headed home back across the Chase in darkness. Owls, foxes, badgers and deer all were evident. This is the climb back onto the Wolseley Plain in darkness - it's taken on an 8 second exposure by shining my bike light all around, a trick I learned from drain explorers. 5:39pm, Sunday, 6th November 2011.

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  1. stymaster says:

    Loving the photos, that last one’s a great trick.

  2. I mistakenly subscribed to a photography magazine last year, thinking it would help me take better pictures – but quickly realised it had not moved on from twenty-five years ago when teenage friends used to buy it for the frequent ‘glamour shots’ therein.
    The pics here are at least as equal, and in my view better than any they have printed in the last year.

  3. robert sharp says:

    These and other photographs taken elsewhere at night are brilliant. It deserves an exhibition somewhere. Thank you

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