A Christening, a Wedding, and a very old church

David Evans – Walsall Wood contributor extraordinaire – has been busy again and just mailed me a few more pages from the Ebenezer Church commerative booklet. I know the Walsall Wood contingent are loving these fantastic images, and it’s with great pleasure I share them with you. I thank David, as ever, most profusely for his generosity in supplying them. Click on any image to see a larger version.

David had this to say:

Hi Bob

I have been looking through the 1951 commemorative booklet and readers may find some of these documents of interest as they contain names and dates, which may be ancestors. There is the first christening photo and the first wedding photo conducted there, and a very rare photo of the first Methodist Church on the site. This stood in front of the present building. A local authority history site gives an inaccurate artistic “guess” at what this building looked like, in fact.


David Evans

Page scanned from a commemorative booklet issued by the Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Church in Walsall Wood.

Page scanned from a commemorative booklet issued by the Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Church in Walsall Wood.

Page scanned from a commemorative booklet issued by the Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Church in Walsall Wood.

Page scanned from a commemorative booklet issued by the Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Church in Walsall Wood.

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  1. stymaster says:

    I remember the newer church (bottom pic) well. Pity it had to be demolished. Dry rot, so I’m led to believe.

  2. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    for Caz,really….Is the Mr J Edwards in the christening photo one of your forefathers? The names Cotton, Tatton, Oakley, Craddock and Jacques are from old famllies. I think Jacques had a canal boat yard near the Travellers Rest pub..right by the canal bridge on the left and on the Shelfield side of the “cut”

    Does anyone remember the canal house in King Street..by the side of the Hollender Bridge…when and why was it demolished?
    David Evans

    • Patricia says:

      Hi Bob,
      I’ve been on your website and saw photo and comments re Jacques family. My great grandfather Richard Jacques owned a Wheelwright company near the canal. My family were well known in Walsall Wood for many years. My grandmother Sarah Elizabeth Jacques lived there until her death in 1974.
      I would love to receive old phots and info if anyone remembers the family.

  3. CAZ says:

    Hi Bob,David,
    Thanks so much for these smashing photos, I could sit and look at old pics like these all day.I love the styles of dress they wore back then.
    I honestly don’t know if Mr. J Edwards is related or not…. I did wonder when I saw the name Edwards on some of the other documents and photo’s you posted.It would be lovely to know, if he were related, but Edwards is quite a common name, unfortunately.It makes it difficult to research, especially as I have no birth,death or wedding dates to go by.
    I never knew my Grandparents, and I suppose I never really thought about them until I read Dads ‘life story’ and suddenly I wished I’d known them. [Sadly,I couldn’t ask my Dad any questions, because he died suddenly, within hours of telling me that he’d wrote it]
    I’ve got a Family Tree going for Mom’s side, with lots of info. and photo’s,but
    not much on my Dads side.It would be lovely if I could find out.
    You never know….. he could be my Great Great Grandad ?
    thanks again Caz

  4. CAZ says:

    I was puzzled on the Christening Photo…..I assume Mr.Tatton is Annie’s father but where was or who is the babies mother? Having a different name, ie being unmarried would have been shameful back then?
    The Bride ‘Polly Cotton’ gave me the titters, no big fat gypsy wedding dress for her……she’s wearing an almost identical out fit to the guests.
    Keep them coming David….I love em

  5. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Caz might be able to find out more through the church baptism and wedding records which have been put in the History Centre in Essex Street, Walsall..
    I hope the old gent is a family member!
    Does anyone have photos of Walsall Wood Football Club from years ago, I wonder.
    This has been good fun and, hopefully, a productive exercise for readers
    all the best
    David Evans

  6. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    re the christening photo. It may be that the baby’s mother had died during or soon after child-birth. Sadly this happened frequently, leavingbabies to be granny-reared. There may be quite a distressing background to this photo. It may the grandma holding the baby. The living conditions for the miners at the time were dreadful, as were the working conditions underground. Hopefully this was not the case in this instance and the baby’s mom was at home, recovering from childbirth, and enjoying a well-earned rest.
    David Evans

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