Further indecent exposure incident in Rushall

Further to last week’s police request for information about indecent exposure incidents recently, a third one appears to have occurred further up the old railway at Rushall. If you know who this character may be, please do contact the police. Who knows what the next incident may involve if he isn’t caught? Please warn your kids if they use the Walsall cycleway in the area.

Walsall Police Investigate Further Indecent Exposure Incident

6 July 2011

Walsall Police are investigating a further report of an indecent exposure this week.

The offence took place as the victim cycled along a public footpath off Station Road, Rushall in Walsall on Monday 4 July between 4.30-5pm.

The victim, a 41 year old woman, was flashed at by a man described as white, aged late 50s-early 60s, chubby with white hair.

Officers are already investigating two other indecent exposure incidents last week, one in Pelsall and one in Brownhills and are asking for any other possible victims to come forward with information.

They are linking the latest exposure in Rushall with the first incident, which took place on Monday 27 June at 1.40pm, on grassland by Ryders Hayes Pool, off Ryders Hayes Lane in Pelsall.

In this incident, two women were approached by a man who indecently exposed himself, before the women ran off.

He is described as a white man aged late 50s-early 60s, totally naked but very tanned and with a full head of white hair. He was around 5’10 with what was described as a beer belly.

A further incident, is not belived to be connected to the other two, occurred around 10.30pm on Wednesday 29 June on Chester Road North, Brownhills.

Three 14 year old girls were walking between the Rising Sun Pub Island and the Hussey Arms Pub on the A5, near to an area described as the Black Path.

They were approached by a white man, described as in his 30s with dark hair and wearing a top with writing on it. He indecently exposed himself to the three girls and they ran off.

Police Sergeant James Drake from Aldridge Police Station said: “The victim who was exposed to in Rushall was already aware of the police appeals following the indecent exposures from last week and reported the incident straight away; however we believe there may be more victims who, for whatever reason, may not have reported any sightings. We would urge anyone who may have seen either offender or who may have information about who the offenders are to contact us.”

Anyone with information should contact Walsall Police on 0345 113 5000 or Crimestoppers, confidentially on 0800 555 111.

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3 Responses to Further indecent exposure incident in Rushall

  1. Grande Pablo says:

    Hi Bob – I think you ought to remove the word assult from your headline. I know the lady in question – whilst shocked (she was with her 12 year old son) she’d have given as good as she got!

  2. Very good point, and thanks for drawing it to my attention. I clearly hadn’t proofread that too clearly, I posted on the hoof.

    My apologies if any offence was caused.



  3. Grande Pablo says:

    None taken. Again had he have got close he his next stop would have been the Manor! One of this hands was occupied, if you know what I mean…

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