Movie star

The Stymaster has pulled off a blinder. I noted a few weeks ago that he was trawling through his father’s huge archive on film – both slide and cine – for old images of Chasewater. Good to his word, after a huge amount of work, and no small amount of technical jiggery-pokery, the curator of top local site Pigblog has uploaded a 2 minute film of himself as a small child, playing in the paddling pool that used to occupy the space where the Innovation Centre stands today.


Click on the image to see the full version over at The Stymaster's Pigblog.

Note the sixties, concrete and grey brick architecture; the large concrete dish water feature, and the massive trotting track stadium in the background. You can just about see the cafe, off to the left. Notice how many people are milling around on what seems to be a perfect sunny day.

Thanks to The Stymaster for his fascinating glimpse into a long-gone past. This was no small endeavour, and to share such a personal recording with us is a generous and community spirited act of true felicity.


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