Check out the true spirit of Christmas – on Clayhanger Common

Hi folks – here’s a heads up to something lovely that’s very local and a credit to the creator, lovely local lady Kathryn ‘Chalk Fairy’ Grace – The Clayhanger Common Nativity Trail.

Kathryn works tirelessly for the good of the community – be it litter picking, organising lockdown-safe, socially distanced VE Day street celebrations or all manner of great community stuff.

It was with huge sadness I saw Kathryn’s post on Facebook on Friday 18th December when she lamented that vandals had attacked the nativity trail and torn it down.

After a period of justifiable anger, she regrouped, declared she would not be beaten and has restored it to it’s full glory, for which I admire the lady hugely.

So here’s a thing. If you have wee ones, and now the rain has at last stopped, why not pop over the Green bridge on Silver Street and go check out the Nativity Trail for yourself?

And please, if you have any idea who the scum are who trashed it, you can drop me an email in total confidence on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Brownhills is full of people doing fantastic stuff for the community to enjoy – and sadly, we have a few idiots, too, Please don’t let them get you down and to Kathryn and all involved in keeping us smiling, don’t be disheartened and please keep up the good work.

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