Barnetts Lane Cemetery: An important update from St James Church

I have been asked to post a public notice here by Roger Corbett, Chuchwarden of St. James Church in Ogley Hay, Brownhills and by default responsible for Barnetts Lane Cemetery in the town, operated by the Diocese of Lichfield.

The community came forward and worked very had last year to get Barnetts Lane tidy. The community effort was very much appreciated, mostly. Image from the Cemetery Facebook page.

This is a remarkable thing that’s very strongly worded. I have been asked to post it here and I am doing so as is my public duty.

What I will point out is that if you have anything to say about this, best course of action is to contact the Church.

There is a Facebook page staffed by a volunteer here.

St James Church Brownhills
Barnetts Lane Cemetery

This cemetery is currently still open. We want it to remain so long as possible to enable family and friends to visit their loved ones. This means taking all necessary precautions and maintaining social distancing when you are there

Please do not use the benches as use by multiple people can be a source of infection

As long as the rules are observed it should be possible to keep the Cemetery open

We need to point out now that the grass is currently growing. It will continue to grow, and we are unable to do anything about it. No one is able to do anything as cutting things back is not classified as “necessary work”

This year it will overtake us like never before and we simply have to accept this. It does mean that the area will become quite overgrown. If it becomes dangerous then consideration will have to be given to closing the cemetery for safety reasons

Please stay safe

Roger Corbett
Church Warden

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