Hey, it’s windy… Be careful out there

Watch out for falling masonry here. Council informed.

As storms batter the area today (Sunday, 9th February 2020), just a note to warn you to take care – especially when passing the former Warreners Arms (Macdonalds) in Brownhills. Slates have been falling off the roof onto the footpath – so for goodness sake use the other side of the road.

The council have been informed and hopefully the footpath that side can be stopped up until the owner of the building can sort it out.

Also, Swan Patrol at Snubbers Green is cancelled (although a member will brave the weather to check the birds) – hopefully return to normal next week.

Be aware there may be fallen trees, best avoid woodland locally while it’;s so gusty and watch out for herds of spooked deer running into roads – saw this happen last year on the common in heavy wind.

Stay safe folks.

Not Tesco, Brownhills this morning.


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