Why not come meet Walsall Humanists this Wednesday evening in their new venue!

The Walsall Arms is a great little pub. Image posted on Flickr by Geoff Pick.

Here’s a quick plug for Lichfield, Walsall and South Staffordshire Humanists – a philosophical debating group – who have their quarterly meeting this Wednesday 16th  October 2019 at their new home – the Walsall Arms pub, 17 Bank Street, WS1 2EP.

The meeting kicks off at 7:45pm and goes on until about 9:45pm.

I asked for help with a new venue for the group a couple way back in the spring – they used to meet at the Boatman’s Rest in Walsall Wood but since the restaurant conversion, they pub has no meeting room. Thankfully they seem to have found an excellent and very suitable new venue.

Old pal of the blog, Charles Street let me know about the group and their meeting schedule – and the fact that’s it’s completely free to attend.

If you’re interested in philosophy, the nature of what we believe and accept, this could be a great evening with like minded people.

Charles said:

Hi Bob

I wonder if you’d be kind enough to give a mention to our Humanist group on your blog?

I’m a member of Humanists UK, and also a member of the local Humanist group (LWASS – Lichfield Walsall and South Staffs) Humanists –  we hold a meeting every quarter for those interested in Humanism, Atheism, Secularism and related subject areas.

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday every quarter – January April July and October at 7:45pm-ish until 9:45pm-ish for those interested in Humanism and related matters.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday October 16th 2019 – venue: the Walsall Arms pub, 17 Bank Street, WS1 2EP.

The pub itself does not have on site parking but ample on street parking nearby. It is within easy walking of Walsall Town Centre and public transport. It has the advantage that it has projection facilities and as soon as we have understood the projection logistics we can show films for discussion.

At the moment there are around a dozen of us that meet up and have a general chat about Humanism – we’re looking for new people to come and add to the discussion.

There is no membership fee – anyone that’s interested just come and join in. We have a diverse range of members, and from all colours of the political spectrum. – If you’re interested come and say hello – we are really nice people!

Our local website is:  lichfieldhumanistgroup.webs.com   If you’d like to know more about Humanism in general, have a look at the Humanists website  https://humanism.org.uk

Regards Chas

If you pop along to the meeting please drop me the word and tell me how you got on – the Humanists have a whole bunch of stuff going on and their website above is worth a look: I’ve always been a big fan of Birmingham Sceptics in the Pub who post some very interesting, thought provoking stuff on social media.

Tell me more: Comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or tug my coat on the antisocial media.

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