Who lived in a in a house like this, and where was it?

I won’t beat around the bush. I’m knackered and way behind with lots of online stuff like 365days – so quick posts here this weekend – but I have some fabulous quick queries you all can ponder over.

The first is this remarkable photo of a Brownhills cottage, now apparently lost.

A mystery Brownhills cottage. The photo isn’t ancient, and is high quality. Anyone recognise the building or house behind? Image kindly supplied by Gerald Reece via David Evans.

The image is from the wonderful Gerald Reece donations, and don’t forget the great man will be returning to Brownhills next week for a visit (you can join him on a walk – see details here).

David Evans said:

Hi Bob

As I was going through some of Gerald Reece’s amazing materials yesterday I came across this fine photo. I think it may have been taken by Gerald’s son some years ago.

I have no clue where it was, but it says demolished, Brownhills on the back. I wonder what stories and history this image may reveal?

kind regards

The only clue for me is the considerably better maintained building in the background. What and where is it?

My thanks to David and Gerald as ever for a great puzzle. If you can help, please do – comment here on the blog, on social media where you find me or via email: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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6 Responses to Who lived in a in a house like this, and where was it?

  1. a wild guess it appears next to a church or chapel there was a cottage next to the salvation army you when up an alley way to it m only other one a wild card is it biches cottae on chester road north i think you have stump me this time ha ha

  2. sue says:

    the building behind the old cottage looks like the chapel Coppice Lane / engine lane there used to be a building next to the bungalow there

  3. Could the remaining building be the “Independent Chapel” – Coppice Lane?
    The tiny piece of the window to the left on the photo looks to match the side of the chapel.

  4. Mike Bursnell says:

    The cottage was in the garden of 3 coppice lane brownhills
    You can see the old chapel roof in the background
    It was demolished when a detached garage was built

  5. didnt miss gwilliam live in the cottage by the congregation chapel before a new bungalow was built years ago in the days of coombe house and dr bradford youve certanly stired my grey matter

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