Irene the Swan Lady on the telly!

I was really charmed and pleased to see Irene Hodges, the Chasewater Swan Lady, on Midlands Today yesterday evening (Monday, 17th June 2018) – you can see the item in the clip above. Turn your sound up.

Irene, you’ll remember, looks after and feeds the huge number of swans at Chasewater, as well as monitoring the flock and helping any in need of attention.

Irene alerted us to the black swan that visited Chasewater a few years ago.

Irene is concerned that since the water level has been low, there may not be enough natural food for the large number of birds living on the lake this winter, and for many winters now and in all weathers, Irene has selflessly looked after he adopted flock.

It’s a good time to repeat her appeal for help posted a couple of years ago, too.

Irene said:

Hi Bob

I do care so much for the swans as you know. But they have not had any natural food (pond weed or stone wort) for four years and bread really isn’t good but it keeps them from going hungry.

So we buy mixed chicken corn and in winter lay pellets.

It only grows in the shallow part of water. So recent works have caused a shortage.

Sans Brett helps me and a few others, but anyone else who can help is welcome.

Thank you for your time.


We all love the birds and if you can donate, or if you have surplus bird feed you don’t need, please comment here or mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Cheers for your help. Irene and her husband Barrie are a wonderful couple who work hard to look after the wildlife out of their own pockets, so any help would be most welcome.


Irene and her husband are out in all weathers to feed their grateful charges.

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