When the stars came to The Wood

Bit of a teaser here for something coming soon – lots of people hereabouts fondly remember a charity football match at Walsall Wood FC that took place on 20th October 1963 – well, intrepid football fan and researcher the young David Evans has been on the case and we have a whole tranche of material on this match to share with readers soon.

For starters though, take a look at this:

A celebrity eleven at Walsall Wood FC with some remarkable signatures. Who can you spot? Click for a larger version – thanks to Mr. George Taylor for generously sharing this remarkable material.

David wrote:

I have been given this autographed photo and full souvenir booklet to scan and will send the scans to the blog, from the 20th October 196 celebrity football match at Walsall Wood’s Oak Park ground.

I have been told that Max Bygraves and Sean Connery arrived in a big posh car at the ground… I hope to interview the person who has donated this to see if there is more to add.

The match was fund raiser for the fire brigade, organised by Staffs Fire Service so perhaps Godfrey Hucker can contribute info about this?

A very big thank you to Andy Roper, president of Walsall Wood Football Club for facilitating this and to George Taylor, the source of this wonderfully historic material.


Thanks to George, Andy and David for a really remarkable bit of communal history.

Were you at this match? Did you stare open mouthed as the great and the good arrived? Did a star sign something for you?

What do you remember of the day the stars played at Walsall Wood? Please do comment on this post, email me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or add your two penneth on social media.

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6 Responses to When the stars came to The Wood

  1. So James Bond played at the Wood in 1963 after finishing filming From Russia With Love.. Really?

  2. BrownhillsBob says:

    I’m not going to blow the gaff here, but yup. I was amazed!


  3. andyropes7 says:

    Cheers Bob it would be great to get a response from local folk who attended that game it’s one that has been talked about before but now we have some proof and the programme is really interesting and nostalgic

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      It’ll be up – the full thing – in the next few days. Promise. Just have a bit of work to do on the scans


  4. Clive says:

    Hello, I do remember my dad taking me there, don’t remember much as I was just a nipper, I remember my father asking Tommy Steel if he would speake to me as I had just been in hospital, there was no response from Tommy, he just walked straight past us, I won’t tell you what my father called him!

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