Tyred out – huge thanks to a pair of a local heroes!

Here’s a lovely thing Brian Stringer from the Back the Track group has asked me to share with readers, to thank local lad Ian Neville and his daughter Nicola who have performed a remarkable feat this weekend.

 This is a lot of work – the tyres are heavy, filthy and not easy things to handle. Image from Back the Track’s Facebook page.

The Back the Track gang as regular readers will know are working hard on clearing the old railway line through Brownhills and converting it into a cycling and walking trail for all to use.

So far they’ve done a cracking job along the dismantled railway from Pelsall and have got as far as behind the Smithy’s Forge Pub, just by the Miner Island in Brownhills. The route is now walkable and highly acclaimed.

One thing that was presenting an issue, however was the number of discarded car tyres recovered, which the volunteers had stacked as they came across them beside the trail.

Well, this weekend local legend Ian Neville and his daughter Nicola actually moved all the tyres ON THEIR OWN to the ramp by Silver Street for the disposal people to collect. This is a massive amount of work and a huge effort. I have no idea how they did this by themselves. I’m astonished.

Brian Stringer wrote:

Hi Bob 

I don’t know if you’ve seen our latest Facebook posting? A young lady we spoke to on Friday has, with the help of her Dad cleared all the tyres from the top end of track and placed them by B&M entrance ready for collection.

They surely epitomise the Community spirit that is around Brownhills at the moment. Those bloody things are heavy mate, and I’m amazed at them rolling them up the ramp and then stacking them, all in a wet weekend.

I wonder if you could give them a mention in the blog as they really deserve our praise. It’s certainly saved us old gits a lot of graft.

Cheers Bob,

"If you go down on the track today you're sure of a big surprise" Brian and Barry were on the Brownhills section of the…

Posted by Back The Track on Sunday, December 9, 2018

I’d like to thank Ian and Nicola on behalf of Brian and the gang, and also on behalf of myself and the wider community for such a wonderful community spirited effort – it truly is wonderful. Absolutely marvellous, thank you – I take my hat off to both of you.

That is a lot of work! Image from Back the Track’s Facebook page.

I’ve covered the work of Back the Track before – Brian Stringer and pals started in 2017 to clear out the old railway cutting under the miner island in Brownhills and convert it into a cycling and walking route for all.

Since then, the route has been improved step by step and is now an absolutely beautiful and is a great asset to the community. Even Central News have been down to see what these dedicated volunteers have been up to – you can see the film report of that here.

Back the Track is a wonderful project and Brownhills should be very grateful to the volunteers and all who have worked hard to make this dream a reality.

Again, my thanks to Ian and Nicola, and all the Back the Track folk – making a real difference for Brownhills.

Thank you, Nicola and Ian.  Image from Back the Track’s Facebook page.

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4 Responses to Tyred out – huge thanks to a pair of a local heroes!

  1. andkindred says:

    What a fantastic effort! One day I will return and be ever so grateful.

  2. Janet Davies says:

    What a fantastic achievement, what we all do without people like you volunteering to help. You look like you were enjoying yourselves as well even better!!!

  3. andyropes7 says:

    Great family effort Nev full credit to you both

  4. Kev says:

    Fantastic progress, hope to see some kind of deterrent to stop the undesireables from breaking into garages/ properties backing onto track ? Now it’s more accesable

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