All at sea – but where, and when?

Here’s a challenge for the history researchers this afternoon while I’m busy getting some air and autumn – a short but interesting postcard that was addressed to Pier Street, Brownhills.

Image of postcard addressed to Brownhills posted for sale on eBay by seller 89Chatsworth.

The card has been spotted for sale on eBay and is not dated – indeed, it was sent from a ship. If you want to buy it, it’s currently up on sale by seller 89Chatsworth for the princely sum of £1.25. You can see the sale particulars here.

What the card actually says is

‘Arrived in England this morning Sunday(?). Will write again when I know(?) where I have got to.


It’s addressed to Miss P. Dorricott (or Derricott), Pier Street, Brownhills.

What can we find out about this? Why would you arrive in England but not know where you were? I assume this would be military related.

Please, any views welcome. It’s been fascinating me since I spotted it for sale earlier in the week.

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The picture side is a fetching lady in maybe 1920s dress with the name ‘Trisa’ – was she a noted model of the day? Image posted on eBay by seller 89Chatsworth.

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10 Responses to All at sea – but where, and when?

  1. Pedro says:

    In February 1917 there is a record of a death at the age of 56, of Alfred Dorricott, of Pier Street.
    He had met with an accident at a Colliery 16 years ago and had not worked since. When a young man he had joined the army and served in Egypt.

  2. Pedro says:

    In the 1911 census Alfred was living in Pier St with his wife Rhoda and daughter Elsie (12). His occupation was Hewer and miner injured spine 17 July 1900.

    In 1901 he was in Wilkin Street (?) with wife, Harry (14) , Nellie (11) PRISCILLA (4) and Elsie (2).

  3. David Evans says:

    I wonder if Fred was in the Dongola campaign, Egypt?

  4. Alan Dawson says:

    Hi Bob, I believe that the signature on the card is from a JOB. There was a Job Barber who married a Priscilla Dorricott in Q3 1920, Lichfield district

    • Alan Dawson says:

      Hi Bob, Further information, there was a Job Barber born 13 Feb 1893, who died in Q3 1985 Walsall district.

  5. you certanly have got my old grey matter working the name cilla dorricot ime almost sure she sang in the weslyan chapel chouir years ago thanks for the memory god bless

  6. Reg Fullelove says:

    thank you alan you have solved my problem re cilla jobby was related to me and an old family friend via the barber family uncle gourges wife maiden name was barber by the way i think you will find dear old jobbie served in the navy on north sea convoys a somewhat over looked heros god bless and thanks mrs ball jobbies mom lived 4 doors away from me as a lad

  7. Reg Fullelove says:

    sorry i think igot afew details wrong re mrs ball i think her maiden name was barber there was another sister across the road in first avenue she was jobies family forgive me his brother was herbert a well respected member manager of the high street coop

  8. sorry to be a pest just had another look at the post card its singned JOBE as i said earlier he was in the north sea convoys bless him

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