Lady violently assaulted outside Brownhills Tesco store – did you witness anything?

Tesco Brownhills where a lady was attacked last Friday

A worrying incident is being reported locally on social media that’s causing me great concern: It appears that on Friday evening, 21st September 2018 outside the Tesco store in Brownhills a local lady was violently assaulted, resulting in the loss of two teeth, and considerable damage to her mouth and jaw.

From the details I have, I can say that at about 8:30pm there was a brief exchange and the lady was punched in the face by a youth, believed to have been using a knuckleduster.

The youth in question was apparently part of a larger group and was mixed race in appearance. 

I have contacted local police about this incident, but disappointingly, I have yet to receive a response, which is quite troubling.

If you have any information about this incident or the gang of lads involved, please contact West Midlands Police on 101 – or online here. You can also contact me in total confidence by emailing me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or through the usual social media channels.

Should I hear from the police further on this matter, I’ll share anything I’m able to here. In the mean time, please be vigilant and report anything you may recall, no matter how minor you think it may be.

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