Acceptable in the 70s – a new local book you’ll love!

Looks like a terrific read!

You all know that I like to champion local writers and creatives here on the Brownhills Blog – well there’s a great new book available that I’m eagerly waiting to read that’s getting rave reviews – and people of a certain age – like me – will love it.

70s Glam, Grime and Petty Crime is a new book by local lad Steve Grainger, telling the story of his youth around Brownhills, Aldridge and Walsall, and many of the places he talks about you’ll recall – probably with fondness but others with a grim nod. The Cedar Tree, The Elms, Castlefort, the Fox Covey and lots of other local places get mentions – it really does seem to be a trip down memory lane.

Steve lived in Bayley House, Brownhills for a time:

So a few weeks after sending in my application form, the council offered me a three-bedroom flat in a tower block in Brownhills, 66 Bayley House.

When I moved into my flat in Brownhills one thing that remained the same ‘Friday night was lads night’. After visiting our usual haunts and getting dropped back in Brownhills I would I would visit the ‘Old’ Anchor Pub… The Anchor was a good old-fashioned Banks’s pub and from the first time I went in the place, the old locals really made me feel welcome.

This looks like a remarkable book documenting the youth of a man who can clearly write ate tell a story. I’m really looking forward to reading it – and you can get your copy on Amazon at this link here – it’s just £11.99. People whose opinion I really value like Linda Mason and David Hodginson are raving about it, so what’s not to love?

Steve Grainger said:

If you remember Bailey House – The Old Anchor Pub – Harpers Buses – Brownhills Market being packed every Saturday, then 70’s GLAM, GRIME & PETTY CRIME is a must read and is now available from Amazon Books.

Step into a decade where many a fashion crime was committed – 18″ Oxford Bags and 6″ platform shoes where considered the height of fashion ‘for the boys’ political correctness was frowned upon, when parental guidance was almost non-existent and where Social Media only existed in the mind of an incarcerated lunatic.

Welcome to the 1970’s.

Join Steve on his fascinating journey during a time where his taste for adventure and mischief were allowed to flourish – and very often, allowed to grow totally out of control.

From working on a fairground at the age of 11, to following his beloved Man United around the country by the age of 14 – this is an eye-opening exposé of a young man who stumbled in and out of court during his teenage years.

Set amidst the backdrop of the miner’s strike and eating tea by candlelight, the fall of a government,dubious glamour, charming innocence and a touch of brutality – take a step back into a time when colour TV, with all of 3 channels, was considered new technology and a 65″ curved LED screen, was the fancy of a mad man.

With Forwords by Man United Legend Norman Whiteside & star of stage & screen actress Shobna Gulati

Don’t forget, you can get your copy on Amazon at this link here.


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2 Responses to Acceptable in the 70s – a new local book you’ll love!

  1. Steve Grainger says:

    Many Thanks Brownhills Bob, hope you enjoyed the book. All the Best Steve

  2. Mark brookes says:

    Hi Steve
    Got your book on Friday, and because I couldn’t put it down I finished it yesterday, what a fantastic read.Bought back so many memories as I am 57 now and lived in Brownhills all my life.I went to Brownhills comp and the only time I ever encountered the “Aldridge lot” was when I had had an altercation with a lad called mark flowers, I attacked him in the bowling green for no other reason but the way he was dressed, but boy did I pay for it the week after when a coach load turned up to get revenge, there was a lad called Delaney who seemed to be in charge, he came over to me and my 5 mates and said “ if you come out with your mates it will be a blood bath but if you come out on your own one to one we will guarantee a fair fight” so I bit the bullet and went out, I was doing ok until I looked around me seeing the 20 odd lads from Aldridge baying for my blood lol,I thought crist if I beat him they will kill me, so I took a dive, and to my surprise mark only kicked me once and said have to had enough, I shouted a resounding yes and thought thank god for that, at that Delaney and another kid came over and picked me up asking me if I was ok, which I thought was very sporting of them lol until I said yes fine, and they preceded to kick me round the car park until I passed out, I remember coming to with them arguing with the bouncers because they wouldn’t let me back in to wash my bloodied face, then they started to scrap with them lol. I was off work with a fractured jaw for a couple of weeks happy days ha ha, anyway steve reading your book has inspired me to want to write my own memoirs of working for Walsall council for over 41years, so I was wondering if you could get in touch with me on email or something, I would really appreciate some guidance from you
    Cheers Steve and thanks for a bloody good read
    Mark (chunky) Brookes

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