The 1977 Silver Jubilee – up and down the town!

The Silver Jubilee in 1977, outside Road Runner in Walsall Wood. Image kindly shared by Maxine Hayward.

A theme that keeps popping up here at the moment is the 1977 Royal Jubilee, and the street parties and celebrations connected with it – Well, here today I have two great pics from opposite ends of our area of those days, and I’d love any further information.

The above wonderful photo was posted last week in Janey Hatfield’s wonderful Walsall Wood Group on Facebook by local lady Maxine Hayward, who has Kindly given me permission to share it here.

Maxine said:

The evening of the Silver Jubilee 1977. Photo taken outside Road Runner.

Left Kath Wilkinson as a chimney sweep and Graham Wilkinson as Wonder Woman (or some other female super hero?) , Ray Hatton as a French Maid, Terry Hayward as a cleaning lady… Val Hatton as Wee Willy Winkle Max Wall… and Elaine Hayward as a waiter Charlie Chaplin… not sure who the other two are.

Maxine added later:

Graham Wilkinson was the owner of Gordon’s Removals, also on the Lichfield Road. Great bloke… I once saw him rip the door off a mini after a collision happened on the Lichfield road.

The girl in the mini had glass in her cheek and the engine of the car on her legs. He came out of his yard, ripped the door off the mini and lifted the engine off her legs… such strength. I was only a little kid and was mesmerised!

Thanks so much to Maxine for that remarkable memory-jogging photo – and suggestions welcome; either comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Meanwhile, here’s a Silver Jubilee image I’ve had for bloody ages, but never had a post suitable for it, until now. From very old friend of the blog Steve Cottle:

A fantastic group picture of kids in fancy dress – and a horse! Image Kindly supplied by Steve Cottle.

This great image is in the playground of the old Central Boys School or Annexe in Brownhills, and was apparently of Jubilee celebrations in 1977 like Maxine’s picture. Note the horse in the background!

Steve said:

Brownhills Annexe! With Andrew Hill, Scott Clifton, Linda Tye, Paul Tranter, Andy Barnard, Helen Tranter Pinches,Ruth Mason, Andrew Mason, Helen Mason and Helen Mason.

So much in that picture to comment on – please do via the usual means – thanks to Steve and sorry it took literally years to get this on the blog!

Meanwhile, I can heartily recommend the Walsall Wood Facebook group, which is run by old friend of the blog Janey Hatfield and is centred around (but by no means limited to) memories of the village, and features a lot of folks you’ll know from here on the blog.

It’s a busy, well moderated group with lots of members and lots of interesting images posted including the set above.

You can check out ‘We are The Wood…’ by clicking here you’ll need to join up but once in, it’s great…

Please do pop along and check the group out – it’s a fine place and if you’re a resident of The Wood, or just remember it fondly, it’s a great place to check out and shoot the breeze.


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  1. the old Central Boys School
    Not Jubilee related but above the lady in the dark cloak – is that the “Chasewater (Norton Pool)” sign post that no one can find a photo of?

  2. Caroline Wilkinson says:

    Oh my word that’s my Mother and Father in Law in the jubilee picture! Kath and Graham Wilkinson from Gordon’s Removals. I’ve never seen that picture and I’ve known them since 1982, it’s brilliant x

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