Walsall wood BMX track, the best days!

Phil Atkinson generously supplied the above, wonderful gallery with the simple statement ‘Walsall wood BMX track, the best days.’

Many people who were kids in the 1980s will remember the Walsall Wood BMX track behind the old Oak Park tennis courts, which still exists today but is gradually being smoothed by time and weather.

The above wonderful photo set of local kids at the track was posted last weekend in Janey Hatfield’s wonderful Walsall Wood Group on Facebook by local lad Phil Atkinson, and he very kindly agreed to me sharing them here, too.

Lower centre, you can still see the outline of the BMX track which fell into disuse as the BMX craze faded to a hardcore of fans. Imagery from Apple Maps.

I know they feature top Walsall Wood Mon™ Simon Burgess, but I’d be interested in other lads involved, and of course any memories you may have of these days: Not just here, but of riding on less… official tracks like the Fox Covey, Linley Woods, Coppy Woods or Birch Coppice.

I loved my Raleigh Burner but my skills were very much lacking!

I can heartily recommend the Walsall Wood Facebook group, which is run by old friend of the blog Janey Hatfield and is centred around (but by no means limited to) memories of the village, and features a lot of folks you’ll know from here on the blog.

It’s a busy, well moderated group with lots of members and lots of interesting images posted including the set above.

You can check out ‘We are The Wood…’ by clicking here you’ll need to join up but once in, it’s great…

Please do pop along and check the group out – it’s a fine place and if you’re a resident of The Wood, or just remember it fondly, it’s a great place to check out and shoot the breeze.

A Raleigh Burner, in many ways a dreadful bike, but the memories. If I still had that now it’s be worth a fortune… Image from the Raleigh archive.


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  1. Neil says:

    reminded me of riding the bmx track at “the quarry”, now shire oak nature reserve, on my best friend’s moms Raleigh shopper…as my mom wouldn’t let me ride there on my bmx!

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