Mike Sarsfield remembers Lichfield Road and Brownhills in the 1950s – do you?


Lichfield Road was almost as much a major artery to Brownhills as High Street itself. Image from ‘Memories of Brownhills Past’ by Clarice Mayo and Geoff harrington.

I was contacted by old friend of the blog Mike Sarsfield a last week, all the way from Wales, and he would like to know if anyone remembers him, or the Brownhills of his youth – I’m sure this will trigger a few memories.

Mike wrote:

HI everyone,

I am Michael Sarsfield, I was born in 1952 qt 20 Lichfield Road, and lived there until I moved to Swansea where I still live.

I like to keep up with Brownhills Bob, and still have relations in the area.

I went to St.Josephs RC Infants in Chasetown and then moved to Ogley Hay Infants till 1959. I have lost touch with so many, but still remember the twins I used to play with at Poxons the butchers, Barry Winters neighbor, the Slatcher girls who also lived in the same yard as me, Richard Bailey lived at end of Great Charles Street, and Linda Brough who lived in the same row as Richard.

My mother worked in Willets Shoe Shop.

Mike Sarsfield.

I’m sure that there are many people reading this who will remember Mike, and can help place the people he mentions.

Please, if you can help, do get in touch: Comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks!

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7 Responses to Mike Sarsfield remembers Lichfield Road and Brownhills in the 1950s – do you?

  1. Marie Evans says:

    Hello Mike Sarsfield thank you for the old photo of Lichfield Rd.Sorry I can’t help you with finding your friends of old.Although I lived in the area all my live was was born 1951 but I lived Peake Cres so went to Streets Corner school,Then to Wessex Close (Which now has a new build of flats on) & hubby was born in 1948 he lived on the Hussey Estate so your paths wouldn’t pass. I remember the the two old buildings together that was the Smiths Blacksmiths wasn’t there ( well I think it still there but overgrown) a walkway to the railway station I can remember as a kid going on a day trip to think it was Rhyl with one of the working men’s clubs.At the end you say your Mother worked in Willets shoe shop,Is that the shop which was across the road from Bradburys curtain material store ( now the job centre? ) And if it was I think right had Clarke’s shoes not the cheaper ones like the ‘Shoe box’ up the rd lol.Didnt they have two pekinese dogs that used to come into the shop?.

  2. David Oakley says:

    Hi Mike, Where you related to the Sarsfield’s who kept the Friezland Lane W.M. Club in the 1940’s onwards. Knew Brian, but he went to school in Walsall Wood. Best Wishes.

  3. aerreg says:

    hi michael grandad reg calling iwas born and reaerd in licfield road our early mararage days were spent at

  4. aerreg says:

    HI MIECHAL re lichfield road i was born and reard there our early mariage days were spent at 42 ime 88 now the reason i write as many of pacient friends know i wrote 3 particular poems down high sreet characters of brownhills and a walk down lichfield road iknow that they relate before your your young years example the little shop on the corner of seeds lane was mrs harveys do you remeber beaty biggins shop oposite the memo we lived at 114 if you would like copies of my poems i would gladly send them to you if can get your adress as usual apolagies for bad spelling the poems were checcked before the were printed so you will be ok to read them god bless from AER REG BEM

  5. Norman Taylor. says:

    Hi aer reg are your poems available to anybody I was born in Friezland Lane opposite the Club in 1940.

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      Norman, use the search box on the blog and bang in ‘aer reg’ there’s a book for download called ‘two sides to aer reg’ and a link to his blog


  6. Les Bullock says:

    Hi Michael.
    I remember you. We used to play together as kids. I lived with my sister Susan in the flat above Poxons shop. (We are not twins, but there is only 15 months between us).
    I can remember you moving away to Swansea, I guess you were about 8years old.
    Les Bullock

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