I can see clearly now… A lost Brownhills alehouse!

I think very few buildings on this card now remain. Image posted on an eBay sale by Sittingblack cat. Click for a larger version.

A wonderful postcard of Brownhills I’ve only ever seen in low resolution versions has appeared for sale on everyone’s favourite tat bazaar, eBay.

Postally used on the 19th August 1921, this card shows a period view looking up Brownhills High Street towards Brownhills Bridge (what would now be the Miner Island) with the Church Road junction on the right. What’s really remarkable is the card clearly shows a short lived pub, the Royal George (locally known as the ‘Fourpenny Shop’ and I don’t recall ever seeing a picture of it in this clarity before.

I’d say the image would be 1910-1920. Love the guy with the bike.

The Royal George was fairly short lived, running from around 1866 until 1926 when it was closed, and a cinema – the Regal I think – built in it’s place; that was later itself replaced by Ravens Court.

The card seems to have been sent to a Miss Smitten, care of Miss MBusswell, Aston Terrace, Market Street, Cheltenham, from her father. Transcriptions as ever, welcome.

For sale by postcard dealer sittingblackcat, at time of publication the card could be yours for around 25 quid.

The scan is of very high quality.

Any observations? Please do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

What can we find out about Miss Smitten? In service, perhaps? Image posted on an eBay sale by Sittingblack cat. Click for a larger version.

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9 Responses to I can see clearly now… A lost Brownhills alehouse!

  1. David Evans says:

    Very interesting..I wonder what building was behind the brick wall, near left..the Mount Zion Primitve Methodist Church? Please can readers help

  2. aerreg says:

    just a bit of un important gobbly goo that has entered my mind on all the past photographs on hi street one thing stands out in my mind the hieght and size of the telegraph poles no ime not going bonkers when you think how they were erected in those days without modern technolege and modern trans port it was a mamouth task and hard work like so many fine old structures and stacks we take for granted to day and still standing todaywe have a lot to thank past generations for the foundations we take for granted today god ble3ss

  3. David Evans says:

    The address side of the postcard is also interesting.

    J Jackson, newsagent, HIgh Street Brownhills

    was selling postcards of the village!
    I wonder if there are any readers who may remember where the newsagents shop was ..perhaps even , descendants of Mr Jackson


  4. Martin Littler says:

    The one newsagent i can remember in the 1950’s was own by Cyril Thomlinson,( for a while he became a Liberal Councillor for Brownhills Urban District Council). it was on the same side that Ravens Court is today, but a little higher up the High Street towards Pier Street, in the early 60’s Downes took the shop over before moving where they are now.

  5. alan thacker says:

    great pic the cinema was called the regent

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      I thought it was, but there are conflicting names given in different places.

      Cheers Alan!

  6. aerreg says:

    the regent was the name given to the brick built cinema jack turner was its manager he lived in lichfield road prior to that a on the right hand side going toward the anchor was another one of corougated constructioon it later became reg barkers garage if any one is interested he can be seen driving a float dressed as a pirate on the 1900S carnival film he lived down pelsall road happy days god bless

  7. aerreg says:

    the curagated building i refered to was of course a was a cinema i dont recall it having a name

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