Calling all local Royal Navy folk, served and serving

A great institution that deserves our support. Image from Bloxwich Royal Naval Association.

You all know how important to me ex-servicemen’s clubs, Remembrance and care for those who’s seen military service is to me and this blog in general – it’s with that in mind that I’d like to draw reader’s attention to the following association for ex-naval folk who’d like to meet socially and socialise with people from a similar background.

Old friend of the blog Neil Harris from Pelsall wrote to tell me about Bloxwich Royal Naval Association, and ask if I’d give them a plug – something I’m happy to do.

Hi Bob.

I hope you’re well and enjoying this long sought after fine weather.

I need your help if I can be so cheeky.

My father in law is the president of the Bloxwich Royal Naval Association. They have been going for many years, but numbers are beginning to dwindle. They don’t need any money, just time and willing – and new members!

The club is open to everyone who served from Walsall borough. I think because it’s in Bloxwich people don’t know about it.

People may look for a Walsall RNA and there isn’t one! Once you have one in the district you can’t have another and Bloxwich got there first. I hope there’s a few ex seamen in the area who may be interested as it would be a great shame if they folded.

I’ve set up a FB page to try and generate interest (click here), and I just need it publicised. I hope you can help.


I’m happy to share this fine club and hope that some of the ex sailors here fancy going to check the Association out.

The Bloxwich Royal Naval Association meet each week at 12pm at Colebatches club in Leamore, Walsall (699 Bloxwich Rd, Walsall WS3 2BD). A social gathering that enables ex and current members of the forces to discuss life in the service, reminisce over old times and also talk about the future, and of course enjoy the odd tot or two!

Again, check out their Facebook page here, or if preferred, comment here or mail me and I’ll hook you cup with Neil. This really is a great thing and deserves our support.

Members are actively involved in fundraising. Image from Bloxwich Royal Naval Association.

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3 Responses to Calling all local Royal Navy folk, served and serving

  1. Neil says:

    Cheers Bob. Much appreciated.

  2. Stuart Maddox says:

    My Farther was a meber of Lichfield RNA for many years. His name was Bert Maddox if any one remembers him. He joined in the mid sixties. He visited Bloxwich on many occassions and had some good times there. He passed away six years ago but I still have some pictures of him and his ‘shipmtes’ as they called each other. If you email me I will scan them and send them to you. Unfortunatley all the mebers from that period were from war time and it was always a problem to recruit new blood to Lichfield branch. Their club building that the members bought and converted in the sixtes was sold a few years ago. I don’t know if the club is still going. I know that my Dad had fond memories of nights he had at both.

    Stuart Maddox

    • Neil says:

      Hi Stuart
      Thank you for replying. It’s such a shame that these old clubs are going. The same happened with Bloxwich RNA which was sold some years back with the members now operating out of another local club which is also struggling .
      Very sorry to hear about your father, I will pass this message on and see if anyone remembers him.
      It would be great to see the pictures and see if any of the members remember him, if you could email them to I will pass them on.

      Many thanks

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