Saved by the bluebell

Well, day two of the first big weekend of the summer saw me again, unsurprisingly out on my bike for a 55 miler over to Orton on the Hill and No Mans Heath.

Fishpond Wood near Stonnall is an absolute carpet of bluebells right now.

First of all, many of you mentioned that they ‘remembered the Bluebell Wood opposite Sam’s Cafe’ on the Chester Road near Stonnall mentioned in Saturday’s post here – the wood hasn’t actually gone, it still exists, and is absolutely gorgeous right now.

I stopped off at the wood – whose real name is Fishpond Wood – on my way out and all the bluebell photos in this set are from there. It’s easy to get to, just hop into the copse off the Chester Road footpath. Beware if you do go though, as it is private property, and there are a lot of hidden rabbit holes and brambles. But it is absolutely gorgeous in there right now.

I rode out Stonnall – Footherley – Watford Gap – Canwell – Hints – Hopwas – on the canal to Alvecote – Warton – Orton on the Hill – Austrey – No Mans Heath – Honey Hill – Clifton – Haunton – Harlaston and home via Whittington, Knowle and Wall.

Another great spring ride and I’m hoping for another today. Stay tuned!

For more of this sort of thing, my 365daysofbiking journal is still running

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  1. Ann Cross says:

    Beautiful pics Bob thank you.

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