Local lady recovering after traffic collision near the Miner Island in Brownhills – a message of thanks from her family

The Miner Island is a busy junctional the heart of Brownhills. Imagery from Bing! Maps.

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 3rd April 2018) as many of you will know there was a road traffic incident near to the Miner Island in Brownhills, where a local lady was in struck by a vehicle.

Although this was a shocking and worrying incident, It’s good to hear from the lady’s daughters – Gina Young, who sent me a message this morning and Karen who posted on Facebook – thankfully their mother was not badly hurt in the collision and is recovering well from concussion and bruising, but thankfully no broken bones.

Gina and Karen would particularly to think those who came to the rescue. Gina wrote:

Dear Bob,

I am not sure if you are aware, but there was an accident yesterday afternoon on Brownhills Island. My Mom was knocked over and was injured. Many people stopped to help her and as my mind was elsewhere yesterday I am aware that I did not thank anyone.

I can not tell you what a shock it was to see my Mom lying in the road in the middle of the island as I ran over Brownhills Bridge to her. Please can I express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped her yesterday. The man driving the skip wagon who pulled it across the road to stop the traffic, all the people who got out of cars and went to her, the people walking past and the two nurses who stopped to help and stayed with her until I got there and the ambulance. Many thanks to the man who contacted my stepfather and had him fetched and thank you to anyone else who I may have missed.

My Mom is 71 and has lived in Brownhills all her life, so thank you once again to the people of Brownhills for their kindness and care.

Best wishes
Gina Young

Thanks to both ladies for letting us know, and for being so kind to thank those who helped – that really is a touching gesture.

My best wishes to the injured lady and do get well soon. Thanks to all who helped an enquired.

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4 Responses to Local lady recovering after traffic collision near the Miner Island in Brownhills – a message of thanks from her family

  1. Cath clemson says:

    So sorry Gina, Karen hope it mum is ok x

    • Miss G M Young says:

      Thank you Cath, for your kind wishes. She looks like she has gone 12 rounds with Anthony Joshua, but thank God that is all,

      best wishes Gina and Karen.

  2. Jools Nutt says:

    Gina,so sorry to hear of your mom’s accident,glad to hear she will make a full recovery,please wish her all the best from me and mine,lots of love Jools xxx

  3. Miss G M Young says:

    Thank you Julie, she still has a headache but is so lucky she wasn’t seriously injured, love to all the family, best wishes Gina and Karen.

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