A Saint Jimmy riddle…


1884 1:1,250 mapping showing St James Buildings, just on the road to the east of Chasewater. Imagery from the National Library of Scotland (NLS) Archive. Click for a larger version.

Had a good one in from old friend of the blog Bruce Littley a week or so and it’s a very good question: Bruce has found a set of buildings on the Hednesford/Brownhills Road between Brownhills West and Norton Canes called St James Buildings, that existed just by where the dog track used to be but I believe is now new build housing.

Bruce wrote:


Long time no speak, how you are keeping well.

I note this morning some comments on the Heath Hayes page about the collieries and there was one which gave the opportunity of comparing then and now maps.

As is my want I scrolled the map around a little to look at points of interest for myself.

On the Brownhills Road, between Brownhills West and Norton Canes, where the race track was constructed was an area known as St. James buildings.

Have done a search on the site, and did not get any hits that appeared to be the correct hit.

Query, has it ever been discussed on the site at all?

Have done a search on Google and nil so far.


I’ve found thing about the place, which seems to be a row of terraced houses with a well in the yard, and shouldn’t be confused with St. James Square, a notorious courtyard of houses often called The Mets that stood in Brownhills High Street for years about where Wessex Court is today.

Its also interesting that both Norton and Brownhills have a parish church of St James, which is often confusing.

It’s a great question though – so thanks to Bruce for that, and what do you know? Please do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

St James Buildings where they would be these days, just to the north east of the former dog track: I believe this is currently a building site. Imagery from National Library of Scotland Archive. Click for a larger version.

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  1. aerreg says:

    that part of brownhills has been of interesting to me first the jack bannock fishing pools also onthat site was a very very old fairground caravan in my day from the pool to their pear tree itwas known as princess knob now the other reason on the railway line oposite the caravan ime convinced there was a railway platform now in my gobbly goo world i have brought this up in converation often with comment are you sure reg my only defence no its achildhood memory or is it a jimmy riddle god bless thanks for the memory

  2. Warren Parry says:

    There does appear to be parch marks on satellite photography in that area. Also, i don’t think they have built on that patch of land yet.

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