Important event for carers in Walsall coming up…

This will be good for anyone interested in carer support in Walsall.

Here’s an important event taking place in Walsall next Thursday morning (15th February 2018) at the Royal Hotel, Ablewell Street from 10am until 12pm that will be essential for anyone who cares for children or young adults with learning disabilities or special needs in the local area.

The event is being organised by the wonderful FACE Walsall, the Walsall Parent Carer Forum, and old friend of the blog and carer herself Jo Yarnall got in touch to explain – I’m a bit sad for her as I didn’t know of the event until this morning and it’s awful to see the struggle they’re having with local media.

Jo wrote:

Please can I ask the lovely folk here to spread the word about a Special Educational Needs Information day I’ve organised as I’m sat here in floods of tears and feeling let down yet again

I organised one back in October and contacted Walsall Advertiser who even organised a photographer to take a photo for us, on the day the photographer never turned up ( didn’t let us know ) so I took a photo and they promised to put it in, it never happened, so I said I’d organised another one for February, sent the details again and had an email back to say they would get it in, looked through the paper today (we get ours delivered Friday) and yet again it’s not in…

Our group is working so hard to try and find the vunerable children and young people and trying to reach out to parents who are at breaking point as they don’t know what is out there to help them.

So if anyone can help spread the word

Special Educational Needs Information Day Thurs 15th February at They Royal Hotel, Ablewell Street, Walsall 10am – 12pm This is a FREE event

In attendance we have Speech and Language Therapists, Walsall Health, Home to School transport services, Transition into adulthood, Special Educucational Needs Disability and Inclusion services, Early Years, Talking Sense, Touch the Spectrum and many others, we’ve even got Councillor Aftab Nawaz coming to the event.

You can get in touch with FACE Walsall in a number of ways – they have a blog here, theres an active Facebook page here, there’s a twitter presence here and you can email them on

The group is physically located at the Carers Centre in Darwall Street, Walsall WS1 1DA – the are friendly and welcoming, and offer just the kind of support network needed when you’re a carer.

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    excellent! I wish Jo and the group every success in this important venture and thak your goodself for the excellent presentation, too
    kind regards

  2. facewalsall says:

    Many thanks Bob and David for your support it really means a lot to us xxxx

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